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Atul Bhatnagar, CEO
Spurred by the rise of digital communications, the world today thrives on connectivity. With increasing adoption of IoT, exponential rise of media-rich content across social media, streaming video, and enterprise applications, network operators are constantly demanding high broadband speeds to satiate their wireless networking needs. Cambium Networks provides a wireless fabric that provides connectivity for service providers serving residential addresses, industrial network operators, enterprises, and governments around the world. Cambium Networks relies on constant innovation to provide high quality and affordable broadband connectivity, with intelligence at the edge, indoor and outdoor, with data rates ranging to multiple gigabits, using licensed and unlicensed spectrum, from the carpeted space to the base camp of Mount Everest.

Technical Differentiators

As wireless devices proliferate, Cambium Networks continues to invest in innovations that improve throughput, and reliability while reducing the total cost of ownership. This includes adopting the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 standards to improve performance at the edge of the network, but also improving the efficiency of the planning, installation, and provisioning process. With Cambium’s LINKPlanner software, performance of the backhaul, distribution, and edge access network is modeled, and Zero Touch provisioning ensures that Wi-Fi access configurations are performed correctly reducing delays and rework costs. These technologies work to provide reliable performance from a few meters to outdoor connections up to 250 kilometers. Cambium Networks’ 14x14 Massive MU-MIMO, cnMedusa, is industry leading and initially deployed in the point-to-multipoint PMP 450m, and delivers substantial improvement in spectral efficiency.

Cloud-Based Management

Cambium’s unique cnMaestro™ cloud-based management system provides end-to-end network monitoring and management in a single pane of glass. Networks operators can view performance in real time to ensure Service Level Agreements are being met, and in the event of a failure, they can rapidly identify bottlenecks. Zero-touch provisioning and cloud-based management enables operators to easily deploy and control even large networks without requiring an IT team. The cnMaestro management system scales easily from small networks to thousands of devices—and is available at no cost. System features include scalable guest access and remote login, allowing access to the management console from anywhere in the world without having to VPN into an internal network.

The vision and mission of Cambium Networks is to ‘connect the unconnected.’ Be it people, places, or IoT devices


High reliability, affordability, and cloud-based management have changed the business paradigm, making it easy to design and deploy connectivity for a wide variety of applications:

• CCTV transport – making streaming video connectivity cost-effective from any location

• IP-based connectivity to remote facilities – including streaming video, voice, data transfer and SCADA backhaul to the most remote locations even in harsh environments

• Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi – to connect all aspects of the business and remove “islands of connectivity” and blind spots

Connectivity provides the means to drive disruptive change, and operators are seizing the opportunity to transform the customer experience. For instance, Cambium Networks assisted Exands Networks to deliver high performance, secure Wi-Fi for clients across a wide range of industries. Among their many engagements with the retail clients is the CITITEA Company, which had offered customers free Wi-Fi connectivity in their 40 teahouses. As CITITEA’s business grew, their initial Wi- Fi service started experiencing unstable and unmanageable performance and turned to Exands Networks who in turn sought help from Cambium Networks. High-quality, cost effective cnPilot™ 802.11ac Wi-Fi Access Points (APs), managed by cnMaestro, addressed the challenge comprehensively. The new cnPilot APs not only handled customer traffic, but also enabled CITITEA to create a complete online experience for ordering and payment that set the stage for a complete brand upgrade.

Cambium Networks is always focused to adopt new emerging technologies to provide the right connectivity to the global communities. The vision and mission of Cambium Networks is to ‘connect the unconnected.’ Be it people, places, or IoT devices.

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