Cambridge Semantics:Smart Data Management and Advanced Analytics for Pharma and Life Sciences

Alok Prasad, President
As diverse data continues to grow within and outside enterprises, Pharma and Life Sciences companies are struggling to extract maximum value from their data assets. Currently, it is a costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process to handle this data in adherence to IT governance standards, while attempting to meet the demanding needs of business users.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Cambridge Semantics is a smart data management and advanced analytics player that helps companies derive “value” from the “Big Data” movement. “We add value to Pharma and Life Sciences companies by seamlessly integrating diverse data from across the organization in a fast, flexible, low-cost manner, complying with central IT security and governance needs,” says Alok Prasad, President of Cambridge Semantics.

Cambridge Semantics effectively derives and delivers value from all the diverse data through its Anzo Smart Data Platform (Anzo SDP), which is uniquely positioned to address many of the search, analysis and data management with challenges faced by Pharma and Life Sciences companies. “Anzo solutions enable our customers to rapidly access, aggregate, search, curate, visualize, analyze, move, and manage the data they care about, regardless of the source or type (database applications, spreadsheets, text files, web sources, emails, and social media),” adds Prasad. “Additionally, with Anzo SDP, we work with our Pharma and Life Sciences customers to build impactful solutions that are tailored to specific business purposes, focus on end-user self-service, deal with data from anywhere and can be built and evolved quickly and flexibly, says Prasad”. The platform provides a one-stop-shop for all facets of the Pharma and Life Science sectors to link and analyze any data quickly and effectively. For example, it enables companies to easily manage clinical metadata across varied systems based on standards for trial management with minimal learning curve and ease of- use. Thus, allowing companies to drastically improve the effectiveness of trial analysis and management of trial processes. Cambridge Semantics’ solutions further help Pharma and Life Sciences companies to explore new approaches and solutions to use data for competitive advantage. High impact areas include; effective management of disease treatment portfolios, clinical trial management, business intelligence, pharmacovigilance, drug safety, regulatory challenges, and data capture pertaining to interactions with healthcare professionals.
In the Pharma and Life Sciences sector, Competitive Intelligence (CI) groups manually search and collect information about the landscape. “With Anzo Pharma solutions, we fully automate the processes of bringing the data together, allowing experts to annotate and curate, and then automatically produce customized reports and visualizations,” explains Prasad. For example, Anzo’s Competitive Intelligence solution enables customers to get realtime views on the changing landscape to make strategic business decisions. For instance, a Yahoo News clip could report that the Company X’s drug has just moved to stage 2 clinical trials, or a West Coast venture capital firm has just funded a new biologics scientist with a breakthrough discovery, or that the feedback from patient portals are showing adverse effects on Company Y’s drug. CI analysts can find this data to make agile decisions. The Anzo Competitive Intelligence solution has won many awards, including Best of Bio-IT and a SIAA CODiE Award.

Anzo solutions enable our Pharma and Life Sciences customers to rapidly access, aggregate, search, curate, visualize, analyze, move, and manage the data they care about, regardless of the source or type

In another key area, Semantic search and linking techniques can be applied to deliver accurate and timely results to Medical Science Liaisons. This helps in tracking the clinical studies and publications of key leaders, in particular therapeutic areas, for which existing approaches are manual and incomplete. Cambridge Semantics’ vision is to work with pharma companies to create solutions that allow users to self-manage the growing amounts of diverse data whether internal or external to drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corporations. We seek to bring a whole new paradigm in creating value for the enterprise,” affirms Prasad.

Cambridge Semantics

Boston, MA

Alok Prasad, President

Provides Smart Data Management and Advanced Analytics solutions for Pharma and Life Sciences.