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Brendan Harrison, Co-Founder & CEO
With the evolution in the phone space where things rapidly changed from an¬alog to digital and now to IP, the similar shift can be observed in the video surveillance world. It is now possible to keep tabs on things “live” with event notifications and recordings stored in the cloud—all thanks to IP surveillance systems. Previously, users have been facing issues regarding the image quality, search capability, re-cording limits, and the accessibility to the footage. Adding network capabili¬ty to cameras has not only addressed these concerns but, enabled the users to view content remotely and take control of security in their own hands.

Comfort comes with a price. And today, it has been challenging for the users to look out for a company offering better security coverage and recording storage solution, at fairly low cost. The Ottawa-based company Camcloud extends far past security and into bottom line objectives as a provider of cloud-based surveillance systems that are simple and cost-effective. The company features and hosts a wide range of cameras and webcams ensuring easy installation and excellent support. Camcloud also has an appealing partnering program for businesses that are looking to add a cloud service to their offerings.

Camcloud’s cloud storage facility eliminates the complex systems for on-site hardware and provides ample storage space in the cloud, safely. The company also offers critical surveillance footage saving option off-site in the cloud for up to 30 days. Moreover, the company lets the users select the camera of their choice and accommodate it within their cloud system. Cameras and webcams that the company hosts include, Axis Communications, Hikvision, VIVOTEK, Foscam, D-Link, Sony, and TRENDnet.

The cloud-based surveillance service typically includes video recording, storage, management alerts, remote viewing, cyber security and more. But, accessibility remained a question for many small enterprises and house owners, to which Camcloud answers with mobile apps for Android and Apple store.

Camcloud’s cloud storage facility eliminates the complex systems for on-site hardware and provides ample storage space in the cloud, safely

Cloud cameras are easy to access from anywhere once logged-in to a cloud account. There are sometimes cases when one of the cameras stops working or unable to connect with the cloud. Camera Health Check, an exclusive feature for alerts, sends the notification to users on the status of the defunct camera. The status can be received on the mobile or the email address associated with the account of respective users and fixed before any misfortune strikes.

For wider accessibility within families and businesses, Camcloud introduces Multi-user Support program that allows other people to serve unitedly for security and privacy purposes. An authorizer is powered with the ability to restrict other member’s ease of entering a particular zone of monitoring, with limited account privileges. Going beyond in optimizing system, Camcloud’s camera labeling settings allow users to add labels to each camera to filter views and restrict guest user access by the label.

Many organizations are in the rat race to provide cloud video surveillance with extensive benefits ranging from ease-of-use to cost. Stepping up as an automated cloud surveillance system at user-friendly rates gives Camcloud a competitive edge over complicated and high-priced surveillance providers in the market. It currently offers a free plan as well as three paid plans for $6 or $10 or $15 per month. With the agility and flexibility of the applications over the cloud within such cost plans, users can use this tool to leverage business intelligence gathering, maintain the safety of facilities, and attract and keep tenants.


Ontario, Canada

Brendan Harrison, Co-Founder & CEO

A simple, cost-effective cloud video monitoring and storage platform for small businesses and home owners