Camgian Microsystems, Inc.: Combining Expertise with Cost-effectiveness in IoT

Dr. Gary D. Butler, Chairman & CEO
Every sector has realized the significance of cost-effective solutions, and the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is no exception. The early entrants to the sector also had to deal with the critical requirement for an innovative architecture to sort out the prevailing painpoints. Efforts were already on, and one company that has met with exceptional success in tackling these concerns is Camgian Microsystems, Inc, working out of Starkville, MS.

As a specialized provider of engineered intelligent network edge solutions, Camgian develops advanced information systems driven from the network’s edge. “Our platform is designed to accelerate integration of sensors and real-time processing of the centered data, rather at the edge of the network. Therefore, we have a platform that is built on an edge computing architecture. Here, the real-time processing of the central data is done right at the edge of the network on higher level software, running across the cloud,” explains Dr. Gary D. Butler, founder & CEO.

Over the years, Camgian has positioned itself as the number one provider of platform architecture, bringing in rapid configuration and innovative solutions in the enterprise sector, in a cost-effective manner. Further, the end-to-end Camgian platform comprising of hardware, software, network and communication, continues to support the rapid configuration of IoT solutions across a broad range of markets. Through this effective integration, it has been easy to reduce configuration time of new devices or solutions and time of delivery. Therefore, the Camgian platform is designed to bring expertise to create cost-effective products. Moreover, amidst an industry-wide prevalence of one-architecture focused approach, Camgian extends a completely integrated platform.
Such a platform also carries the secondary benefit of increased access to customers, more transparency on their requirements and helps leverage opportunities, especially in the mid-market.

Tapping the Market Opportunities

The current works by Camgian are centered on three areas, including Retail, Smart Cities, and Smart Infrastructure. For instance, with respect to the retail aspect, the company continues to focus on the mid-market sector, and support cost-effective business intelligence. Through their attempts in this area, Camgian aims to integrate different sensors, at the edge network for accumulating a variety of information, which, later on, is implemented for enhancing business intelligence.

Offering support to such approaches by Camgian is their recent IoT innovation, called Egburt, which has been of extreme help in directing the firm towards Smart Retail, Smart Cities, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Facilities, and Smart Agriculture.

IoT is a New Technology

The recent advancements in the sector not withstanding, the IoT space fails to be devoid of challenges. First, IoT is still touted as more or less recent, especially in the business world. As a result, it turns imperative to carry out an educational program on what IoT is actually about, mainly while dealing directly with clients like retailers. It is really a great challenge to balance the educational process with the need to increase sales.
Additionally, it is vital to find traction and develop significant customer base, in the initial stages of an entrepreneurial journey, which is another challenge.

Camgian Microsystems

Starkville, MS

Dr. Gary D. Butler, Chairman & CEO

A provider of advanced information technologies and solutions for the IoT industry