CAMO Software: Predictive Analysis to Scale New Heights

Precision is pivotal in any industry, more so in the aerospace and defense industry. While bearing the brunt of rising fuel prices, the companies in this sector have to streamline their manufacturing, maintenance and upgrade. CAMO Software with its multivariate data analysis (MVA) has been helping companies to meet these challenges. MVA developed by CAMO is used in monitoring jet fuel composition on aircraft. The company has been in the business for over two decades providing business analytics, consulting services and design of experiments solutions.

CAMO Software’s consulting services consulting services help customers unlock value within their business and can quickly provide significant returns on their investment. The firm provides its services to various industries for general data analysis, data mining and Business Intelligence, process development, optimization and control/fault detection, design of experiments, quality by design and PAT initiatives. Besides these, CAMO Software extends its consulting services towards custom solution development, chemometric analysis and classification of raw material, and selecting, implementing and calibrating scientific instruments to customer specific needs.

Unscrambler X, the flagship product of the CAMO Software built on MVA, is used in optimizing production processes, quality analysis and regulatory compliance. Besides, this product helps organizations to analyze vast amounts of unstructured data through data visualization tools and build efficient predictive models. The company is serving engineers, scientists, R&D and production departments. Besides aerospace and defense, Unscramble X is being used in chemicals, food and beverages, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals.
Unscrambler X is used to develop models to analyze Martian soil data collected from NASA’s most sophisticated Mars rover–Curiosity. Chemical composition of the rocks and soil and the existence of soil will be analyzed with the use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. Shirley A Henshall, CEO of CAMO Software says, “We continue to develop our core product to meet the evolving needs of our customers. More and more of our clients are applying powerful multivariate models to understand and monitor their production processes, so we have responded by enhancing or adding features that let them benefit from our advanced analytics, providing the ultimate tool to visualize and see-through complex interrelational datasets.”

CAMO helps its clients make better decisions through deeper insights from their data, reduce R&D costs, improve production processes and product quality. “CAMO provided essential multivariate analysis that was critical for our upcoming product launch. Having rigorous statistical models that described our complex process was a great starting point to increase our technical understanding. As a result of this support, we have a solid documented foundation of how all the process parameters are correlated to product quality,” says Ann Jones, CV Global Quality of Novartis Engineering, a fully satisfied client.

The company offers advanced regression and classification tools that can be implemented in the beginning of the product lifecycle development to identify errors that reduce the overall risk and cost of the development program.


Oslo, NO

Shirley A Henshall, CEO

Delivers multivariate data analytics for organizations to get deeper insights and make better predictions from their data.