CAMP Digital: A Go -To Google Ads Partner For The Home Services Arena

Peter Dahl, VP of Business Development
Forbes highlights that Google’s first page captures an average of 71 percent of search traffic clicks. In comparison, the second page barely reaches six percent, making it imperative that businesses position themselves at the top of the landing page. While many business sectors are well-versed in Google search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), the home services sector is still on its way to developing a solid online presence.

Helping clients digitally market everything under the home services umbrella, from renovation and roofing, to HVAC and plumbing, is CAMP Digital. As a Google solution provider, it comes with the seal of approval from the technology giant for its Local Service Ads (LSA).

CAMP Digital implements its strategy across SEO and SEM, leaning heavily on Google LSA. It uses real-time user data to assess the traffic on client ads, and accordingly tweaks its services. For instance, when businesses experience decreased traffic, CAMP Digital bolsters conventional pay-per-clicks to boost conversions while expanding their online footprint. Essentially, it adjusts valueads by pitching quicker arrival time based on the availability of a service to improve clients’ presence on Google by 95 percent.

“What’s unique about us is we constantly tweak our offers across Google platforms depending on how busy our clients are and address their specific needs instantaneously,” says Thom Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer at CAMP Digital.

Typically, when consumers look for resolutions on Google, they evaluate a business on three critical aspects— trust, cost, and availability. CAMP Digital provides a widget on their websites that display real-time Google reviews to assist in establishing trust.
CAMP Digital delivers these services with a trained and licensed professional, to help identify a strategic approach, implementing the Capacity Protocol Optimization Platform (CPOP), which helps clients set-up a real-time matrix to update their digital call board. Based on this data, it continuously adjusts offers and strategies to maximize conversions. For example, when one of a business’s services is on standby, typically due to a surplus of jobs booked in that sector, CAMP Digital pulls its resources from the unavailable service and reallocates to the available ones to maintain high performance.

What’s unique about us is we constantly tweak our offers across Google platforms depending on how busy our clients are and address their specific needs instantaneously

At the core of CAMP Digital’s unmatched expertise is its team of technical professionals, including Thom Johnson, chief strategy officer, and Kate Donovan, chief executive officer. Johnson, a subject matter expert, leverages decades’ worth of know-how in advertising and marketing and 15 years of experience in the home service base to develop precise strategies that ensure impactful customer attraction through Google. Concurrently, Donovan, who has prior expertise in building online footprints for the automotive business, established CAMP Digital with Johnson to support home service vendors in building a better digital presence.

One of the few agencies included in Google’s global premier partner network, CAMP Digital is poised to remain a go-to Google solution provider in this competitive market.

CAMP Digital

Edina, MN

Peter Dahl, VP of Business Development

CAMP Digital, part of the 3 percent of agencies that are Google’s global premier partner, helps position home service providers on the top of Google’s landing page. It provides a services that optimizes a clients click through rate and call board through its various services like SEO and SEM optimization

CAMP Digital