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Kraig Swensrud, CMO
With the onslaught of rapid digitalization, businesses today rely heavily on technology to drive every function and competency. But the promise of implementing technology to streamline and improve the performance of entire departments is prone to extreme complexities. In the past, rather than making business easier and narrowing down projects, technology’s use and scope has continued to expand in an effort to fulfill every possible need. This delayed imperfection has caused a fundamental shift— no longer is technology purchasing at the sole discretion of CTOs.

Today, we’re seeing a resurgence in technology that simplifies, instead of complexifies. This is driven by a shift in technology purchasing power—-every business function has a say in what technology they use to get their job done. The marketing industry was one of the first to hit this point in the technology continuum, mostly because IT experience hasn’t historically been a strong qualification for a marketing role.

Campaign Monitor creates simple cloud software solutions with a Do-It- Yourself (DIY) ethos. “We are one of the few companies built to help businesses grow, that prioritize the ability for every customer to use the product themselves,” says Kraig Swensrud, CMO, Campaign Monitor. He further adds, “Campaign Monitor provides a cost efficient, DIY email marketing platform for companies of all sizes to deliver gorgeous and high-performing email marketing campaigns.”

Often, technology platforms built by large companies involve a lot of cost and time to implement, which businesses outside of the Fortune 500 tend to not have at their disposal. Campaign Monitor solves this problem by delivering simple and elegant, cost effective software with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The software also helps businesses easily pull data from other cloud platforms like Magento and Shopify, to make their email marketing messages more relevant and personal. Campaign Monitor also has two mobile apps. The first is an iPad application that helps companies strategically increase their email marketing list. It can be used by retail businesses to get a better knowledge of customers’ retail experience, analyze the quality of the email database, and conduct a permission based email marketing.

Campaign Monitor provides a cost efficient email marketing platform to companies of all sizes to create email marketing campaigns in a self-service model via cloud

On the other hand, allows marketers and IT professionals to monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time using smartphones.

Campaign Monitor customers see immediate return on their investment. For example, Rip Curl—a global retailer in surf apparel—who faces competition from larger retail companies, used Campaign Monitor to announce new products, such as their new underwater GPS watch or quick drying wetsuits. Almost every email marketing campaign sent by the brand needs to be gender and geographically specific to ensure that the message is relevant to the audience it’s sent to. “Email marketing boasts the highest ROI of any digital marketing technology and our customers regularly rely on email to generate demand,” says Swensrud.

Campaign Monitor recently acquired GetFeedback, a modern online survey software application that is easily configurable to create modern, mobile-ready surveys. GetFeedback was also and built with the DIY ethos.

The most prominent project undertaken by Campaign Monitor for 2016 is email marketing automation. “Marketing automation is the future of email marketing,” states Swensrud. Campaign Monitor believes that when a business sends personalized, targeted messages or emails to customers, there is a greater chance of it being viewed by the customers, in turn increasing the product sales. “Having opened our U.S. headquarters in Silicon Valley last year, we will continue to expand in our core geographies like North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand” concludes Swensrud.

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Kraig Swensrud, CMO

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