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Eric Reich, CEO
The inception of Campus Labs traces back to 2001 when two friends—Eric Reich and Michael Weisman—stumbled upon a novel idea of creating a business focused on collecting student feedback as a medium to improve campus services. Reich and Weisman, who were classmates at the University of Buffalo, eventually parlayed their concept into a winning submission in the Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition. With a significant prize amount of $25,000 at their disposal, the dynamic duo subsequently launched a technology startup named StudentVoice. Fast forward a few years, StudentVoice transformed into Campus Labs, and by 2008, the company expanded to serve 350 Member Campuses throughout the US. The stellar growth of Campus Labs over the years consequently earned it a reputation of being Western New York’s most successful startup since the turn of the 21st century. Inspired by thorough research and careful homework—visiting different campuses and learning about the different institutional challenges that administrators face—the entrepreneurs persistently continued innovating and expanding their services. Today, almost two decades after its founding, Campus Labs is marking its prominence in the realm of education technology with over 150 employees, more than 1400 Member Campuses in its roster, and a comprehensive set of solutions, while still being headquartered in Buffalo.

No longer confined to the capabilities of a single survey product, the Campus Labs platform brings to the table integrated software and cloud-based assessment tools to facilitate higher education. The company is guided by the mission focused on transforming and empowering colleges and universities with strategic data insights.

Transforming Institutions with Data

At the heart of Campus Labs is the vision to help students to succeed. As such, to accomplish its mission Campus Labs brings forth an integrated platform that can break down all the data silos in institutions and lay a strong foundation to support valuable insights, unified information, and better decisions. Providing a centralized hub for a holistic view of campuses, the Campus Labs platform collects and connects all the campus data to delve into the right questions. The platform equips institutions with the power to glean valuable insights about their effectiveness in terms of meaningful reporting for accreditation, more precise ways to predict retention, and ingenious tools for better student engagement.

Harnessing powerful analytics, the Campus Labs platform plays an integral role in evolving institutional practices, enhancing the student experience, and making more informed decisions. With dynamic data visualizations through reporting and dashboards, predictive analytics, learning analytics, and data science, the platform fulfills its purpose of promoting student learning and success, drilling into the campus data and better supporting academic progress. Progressing beyond just data collection and documentation, the platform helps institutions to foster a campus-wide culture of assessment and drive evidence-based decisions. To encourage improvement and accountability, institutions can utilize the platform to align strategic priorities, annual reports, and assessment plans, track outcomes and provide in-depth reports on campus-wide progress, and access institutional-wide data while meeting demands of compliance requirements. They can also seamlessly evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs and support services while managing workflows, leveraging annual assessment and planning efforts, and discerning areas for continued progress.

In an effort to expedite better teaching and deeper learning, the platform enables institutional faculty to make a difference in the academic journey of their students by ensuring that their teaching methods are impactful. Deploying Campus Labs for Teaching and Learning, the faculty can connect student learning data and quality of instruction, unlocking meaningful insights about outcomes across all divisions and departments. With its course evaluation tools and a library of rubrics, the Campus Labs platform assists the faculty in emphasizing formative assessment, comparing results over multiple terms, incorporating evidence into strategic plans while keeping track of the departmental progress.

The Campus Labs platform aids institutions in identifying the most effective programs, matching an individual student with the best resources, and gaining a deeper understanding and holistic view of student success. With predictive analytics, visualization and insights, advisor support, and automated/manual early alerts in place, the faculty can customize predictive models to meet the unique needs of students, gauge the effectiveness of support services, and streamline appointment scheduling and communication while keeping a tab on students who need support the most.
Further, the Campus Labs platform helps organizational staff streamline organization registration, renewal, and election process with customizable workflows to bring about student engagement. It equips the faculty with the ability to effortlessly organize, plan, and promote events using Campus Labs' comprehensive set of tools. Moreover, Campus Labs for student engagement enables seamless tracking of student participation at events and programs using mobile check-ins while also empowering students to uncover opportunities and take charge of their co-curricular journey with internet-based engagement experiences.

To establish a division-wide culture of assessment, the Campus Labs for Student Affairs Assessment solution assists campus faculty with managing strategic planning and program review processes to gain insight into how institutional outcomes support their goals. The combination of a dedicated consulting team, rubric, surveys, and benchmarking capabilities provides the faculty with all they need to make effective data-driven decisions.

Professional Development with Custom-tailored Advising Services

With its repertoire of knowledge and expertise gained over 15 years of working with campuses—from individual schools of education, law, business, and more to multi-campus systems, Campus Labs is perfectly positioned to offer high-quality consultation regarding assessment and strategic planning in higher education. Campus Labs helps campus staff with retention, assessment, and strategic planning along with Pre-Accreditation External Review and Evaluation Instrument Review.

At the heart of Campus Labs is the vision to empower institutions while helping students to succeed

Focusing on professional development and custom workshops, Campus Labs' team of subject-matter experts assists campuses with rejuvenating and realigning assessment focus, delivering a comprehensive workshop for the staff along with learning evaluations, hands-on activities, and follow-up resources. Moreover, Campus Labs' signature data integration service includes a data audit and review formalized through recommendations and report. The company follows through the development of detailed data mapping and devising or programs aimed at extracting data in the format necessary for the Campus Labs platform.

To provide customized onsite training, a member of the Campus Success team reaches out to the client to deliver a custom training agenda that meets their adoption and implementation goals. The Success team member helps clients to gather key stakeholders across the entire campus to plan for the optimization of their educational tools, ensures that the client stays up-to-date on best practices, offers hands-on assistance, and also conducts end-user training. Further, with the help of user guides, video tutorials, and other mediums, Campus Labs works closely with clients to create custom resources that fit the needs of their end users.

That's not all; clients can implement Campus Labs' design expertise to ensure that their surveys are well composed and leverage the company's analysis expertise to get a head start on interpretation and application of results. In addition, using the Campus Labs survey platform to build and preview surveys for quality assurance, administer surveys and aggregate data via the Campus Labs platform, conduct basic and advanced quantitative analysis, perform qualitative analysis and text mining, and prepare analysis reports and visualizations.

A digital library for a wealth of resources, the Campus Labs Knowledge Center contains everything from articles and papers to blogs and podcasts. One can learn about the latest trends in the ed-tech landscape and glance through success stories from Member Campuses. Irrespective of the focus of educational institutions, Campus Labs keeps staff and faculty members apprised of today's tech-powered solutions while equipping them for imbuing tomorrow's trends. With a dedicated team of Campus Lab professionals who have decades of experience in the field of higher education, the company has come a long way, effectively putting an end to institutional challenges. Hinged on an innovative work culture charged with spirited discussions, a willingness to move out of individual comfort zones, and a fierce pursuit of fresh ideas, Campus Labs is striding ahead in full steam and is well on its way to completely transform the higher education ecosystem.

Campus Labs

Buffalo, NY

Eric Reich, CEO

Campus Labs empowers institutions to make valuable connections with their data. They offer a complete set of integrated solutions for areas such as assessment, retention, teaching and learning, student engagement, and institutional effectiveness. The company is proud to serve more than 1,400 public and private colleges and universities. Company Labs is specialized in Improvement & Accountability, Teaching and Learning, Analytics & Insight, Student Engagement, Student Success & Retention, Assessment Management, and e-Portfolios. The Campus Labs platform offers integrated software and cloud-based assessment tools for higher education. The corporate mission is more focused than ever on empowering and transforming colleges and universities through strategic data insights