Canalini Consulting Group: Microsoft-Powered Innovative Cloud Solutions

Michael Canalini, Founder & CEO
“Rooted in fundamental IT standards, fueled by a creative, entrepreneurial drive and guided by an insatiable hunger to provide stellar customer service time and time again.” This is the philosophy fueling Canalini Consulting Group—a provider of full-service cloud-based solutions for law firms, associations, government agencies and for-profit enterprises.

Canalini Consulting Group observed the growing demand among enterprises to embrace the cloud model for effective data management and decision makers fretting over the security of critical information. The company, equipped with a talent pool comprising of Microsoft certified experts, tailors holistic, enterprise-specific cloud solutions. The Washington DC-based firm has built relationships with and earned the trust of a myriad of enterprises, law firms and government agencies with its cloud-based solutions.

“We aim to help enterprises in the seamless migration of their workloads to a cloud infrastructure and deliver a holistic, cost-effective data management solution that secures key documents from abnormalities,” says Michael Canalini, Founder & CEO, Canalini Consulting Group. The organization has employed several risk mitigation practices, such as restricted, privileged access to critical information, so that clients are benefitted by the best of the breed enterprise security setup. Apart from ensuring seamless data transition, the company strives to improve user experience and even trains its clients to cater to end users better.

A vital factor that steers the company ahead of its industry peers is its On- Premise Microsoft Applications Training activity. The practice dramatically benefits relatively naive enterprises to get accustomed to a cloud environment and thus build long-term relations with clients. Power BI assistance is another unique service of Canalini Consulting Group that’s worth a mention. The company offers an exquisite set of business analytics tools to help decision makers utilize data from several sources to make effective decisions.

Canalini narrates a recent client success story to portray his firm’s cloud implementation capabilities better.

Our aim is to help enterprises in the seamless migration of their workloads to a cloud infrastructure

Document management is a vital aspect of this client’s business, and the organization wanted to utilize a cloud infrastructure to preserve critical information. However, data security was a concern that plagued the firm and pondered how these documents can be effectively shielded from vulnerabilities. Canalini Consulting Group employed security tokens to encapsulate their clients’ critical information from threats and provide restricted access to users. The cloud solution provider also adopted the Microsoft Red Forest architecture to insulate users with privileged identities from the production environment, thus providing an additional security service.

The recent past has been quite fruitful for Canalini Consulting Group and the company’s recognition as a Microsoft Gold Partner has helped it garner significant visibility and resulted in the addition of quite a few reputed names to the company’s clientele. Team Canalini upgrades the solutions deployed to clients periodically to ensure they are relevant and ahead of the competition. The company firmly believes that agility and transparency are quintessential in building great customer relationships and the company’s team of highly-qualified engineers can be easily reached for assistance post-deployment. “We look forward to the better empowerment of our clients’ security by effective utilization of Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) in the near future. Additionally, Canalini Consulting Group intends to exploit the benefits of the Microsoft’s Identity Management offering to cater to clients better,” mentions Canalini, revealing a glimpse of the company’s roadmap.

It is safe to say then that, “Whether you are looking to strengthen your security posture with Azure Multi- Factor Authentication Server (MFA), or deliver single sign-on (SSO) with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), or reduce storage costs by implementing Azure StorSimple hybrid cloud storage, Canalini Consulting Group can help.”

Canalini Consulting Group

Washington, DC

Michael Canalini, Founder & CEO

A provider of full-service cloud-based solutions for law firms, associations, government agencies and for-profit enterprises

Canalini Consulting Group