Cannon IV: Implementing MPS Solution through Holistic Approach

James R Fall, VP of Strategic Planning
Organizations have been adopting Managed Printing Services (MPS) to gain control of the organization’s digital and paper document environment for the past decade. Traditionally, MPS was used to manage imaging and printing process of paper documents in the organization. However, with industry evolutions, the management of digital documents, security and optimizing business processes through more efficient sharing of information and documents within the organization has become crucial for organizations. To look beyond printing assets and reducing print costs, Cannon IV, an Indiana-based company, provides MPS solutions that assists organizations to capture, manage content, and improve business processes and workflows driving organizational efficiencies. Evolving with the business trends, Cannon IV introduced their first MPS program in 2003.

“As a family owned business headquartered in Indianapolis, Cannon IV is a leader in offering comprehensive managed print services programs nationally to all end-user markets,” says James R Fall, VP of Strategic Planning, Cannon IV, Inc. Established in 1974, Cannon IV offers MPS and Enterprise Content Management solutions to automate information-driven processes in retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, education, and government organization.

While most of the resellers are focused on selling specific products, Cannon IV takes a consultative approach of developing a client specific solution that enhances the productivity and return on investment (ROI). Cannon IV takes a multi-phase approach of developing a client solution strategy of managing the environment, optimizing the infrastructure and optimizing business workflows. “Our MPS program provides a comprehensive and professional management for the entire printing, imaging and document management environment.” The company offers a four-step approach that assess, design, implement, and measure while assisting the client. “Our approach initially assesses the imaging and the printing environment in the client’s organization and evaluates the requirements,” delineates Mr. Fall. At the end of the assessment, Cannon provides a report on the current state of their environment and the proposed solution for the client. The company’s project manager assists the client in implementing the finalized solution that can be optimized and customized to the clients’ requirements.

Our MPS program provides a complete and professional management for the entire printing and imaging environment

The company further measures the implementation and identifies opportunities for the client to improve their imaging, printing and document management environment. Cannon IV helps the client to implement the MPS program and security solution in a most efficient way.

Besides MPS, Cannon IV provides security solutions that protect printing documents shared in the environment from threats. “One of our primary products, PaperCut, enables tracking, control and secure print releases directly from the device's panel,” explains Mr. Fall. Collaborating with Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Toshiba at hardware level, the company provides a wide range of technologies to enhance the security and confidentiality of information.

For instance, Republic Airways Holdings, an airline company, operates in multiple locations around the world. Republic was encumbered with the task of troubleshooting in each location and finding local repair when equipment needed servicing. The client requested Cannon IV for a nationwide solution across their entire fleet of output devices. Cannon IV designed a strategic, organization-wide MPS solution supported the entire Republic Airway’s organization. “We also created standards around their HP printer and multi-function devices around HP client workstations and HP DigitalSending Software for moving digital documents, capturing paper documents, and distributing those in digital formats,” remarks Fall.

Working with clients has been the key component for Cannon IV. The company’s consultative approach built around investing time and resources sets them ahead in the competition. “For the years ahead, we will offer additional products and services in enterprise content management as well as in business process optimization,” ends Mr. Fall.

Cannon IV

Indianapolis, IN

James R Fall, VP of Strategic Planning

Cannon IV provides Enterprise Content Management and Managed Print Services solutions to optimize and automate information driven processes in public sector and commercial enterprises