Canto: Supervising Content to Secure Archives

CIO VendorJack McGannon, CEO
In today’s business scenario the management of increasing volume of digital content is a crucial issue and it poses challenges to distribution and security of files. Canto, headquartered
in CA, provides solutions to manage and deliver content across the systems and devices, protecting the company’s brands and assets.

The company delivers scalable software and services to match customer’s needs and as such their digital asset management which is customized with DAM software helps organization to
easily organize, find and share their digital content. Founded in 1990, Canto’s first product Cirrus was flatbed scanner software but later the need to manage the growing number of files
created their flagship product Cumulus.
Companies like Newsday, NASA, Endemol, Honda and Intel have employed Cumulus solution to leverage their content intelligently. To satisfy clients’ need, Canto constantly revise their solutions and recently it has announced the availability of Cumulus 9.0.2 for delivering ‘consumerized’ digital asset management.

“At Canto, it’s not just about building robust products. It’s about the philosophy behind those products,”-Jack McGannon, CEO, Canto


San Francisco, CA

Jack McGannon, CEO

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