CAPFIVE Technology Solutions: The Gateway to the Cloud

Lance Griffith, CEO
The signs of transitioning to the cloud are loud and clear—and necessary. However, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) want to move slowly, taking advantage of their existing infrastructure investment. “Businesses are laser-focused on the bottom-line, with management containing expenses to maintain profitability. Moreover, the cloud can be a confusing place for a growing SMB business, with a seemingly endless array of options. It’s like being at a cafeteria and struggling to figure out what to eat because there are too many choices,” says Lance Griffith, CEO of CAPFIVE Technology Solutions. “This environment further intensifies the challenge for SMBs to venture into the cloud with confidence.”

CAPFIVE specializes in guiding SMBs seeking appropriate solutions and workflows tailored to work in concert with their existing infrastructure. CAPFIVE teams with Microsoft to create hybrid cloud solutions, resulting in the right blend of flexibility, availability, and cost-effectiveness for companies to flourish. CAPFIVE utilizes Microsoft’s private cloud solution, so clients also stay on par with the recent privacy rights regulations, such as GDPR. “Our ability to utilize Microsoft’s products to create affordable and robust private cloud solutions truly address the business needs of our clients,” affirms Griffith.

CAPFIVE brings more than two decades of IT industry experience combined with its broad array of strategic partnerships to its clients, and is positioned as a key IT professional services company in the greater Houston area. Henry Lyles, COO of CAPFIVE, states, “Our primary approach is to ensure that we completely understand the business needs of our clients.” CAPFIVE functions as a virtual extension of its client’s business and engages directly with C-Suite management, enabling them access to best-of-breed technologies. The CAPFIVE team helps them identify, develop, and maintain robust technological strategies that align with both their current and long-term business and financial goals, recognizing Microsoft, Dell EMC, VMware, Veeam, and Citrix among some of the products in its tool belt.
Henry Lyles, COO
With information security and business continuity issues top of mind, the CAPFIVE team recently helped a client in the oil & gas industry to continue delivering services without interruption, even during a catastrophic weather event. Lyles says, “The client had an immediate and critical need, and we created a private cloud specifically for them, meeting the customer’s concerns about security while delivering crucial global availability.” CAPFIVE leveraged an MS solution with Windows Server and SQL Server with remote application delivery. This enabled the company to deliver their application with high-quality user experience, while safely located within a secure, private cloud environment.

Our primary approach is to ensure that we completely understand the business needs of our clients

Keeping abreast of the latest technologies, CAPFIVE continues to serve as a comprehensive resource for SMBs with managed services, technology infrastructure, cloud, voice, and disaster recovery. Aware of the growing demand for flexible voice communications solutions among their customers, the company’s new voice solution readily meets the needs of today’s geographically distributed workforce. Additionally, the company has partnered with Allworx Communications to deliver an economical solution with Skype for Business and Outlook integration, full multi-site support, and best-in-class mobile connectivity.

With a comprehensive solutions portfolio, Griffith says, “Our customers appreciate having us as a single source for all of their technology needs.”

CAPFIVE Technology Solutions

Houston, TX

Lance Griffith, CEO and Henry Lyles, COO

Utilizes Microsoft’s products to create affordable and robust private cloud solutions for the SMB market

CAPFIVE Technology Solutions