Capillary Technologies: Intelligent Customer Engagements that Drive Revenue

Aneesh Reddy, Co-founder & CEO
Retailers spend a disproportionate amount of their budget in acquiring new customers. However, very little is spent on retaining the existing ones, which comparatively is less expensive. According to Gartner, it costs up to 10 times more to sell to a new customer than to an existing one. Furthermore, if retailers are able to increase their customer retention by a mere 5 percent, they can increase their profitability by 25 percent. Capillary Technologies, a Mountain View, CA based company helps retailers obtain more value from existing customers by providing relevant and personalized experiences that shoppers value most—gaining loyalty in turn. For example, the company frees up retailers from the burden of managing cumbersome physical loyalty membership cards with innovative, mobile-based loyalty programs. “We harness the power of customer Big Data analytics to provide insights to form meaningful relationships with the retailer’s most valuable asset—their customer—both in the digital and offline environment,” says Aneesh Reddy, Co-founder & CEO, Capillary Technologies.

Understand customer behavior to serve them better

Capillary maximizes the customer experience by providing cradle-to-grave solutions for the entire customer engagement life cycle including customer data capture and management (online, mobile, social media, and in store); deep customer insights served through intuitive interfaces and dashboards; personalized customer interactions through powerful customer big data and analytics—all delivered through an integrated platform that’s intuitive, flexible and quickly deployed. “To sum it all, Capillary Technologies offer the power of a comprehensive Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solution that, previously, only large brands with an impressive budget could afford, into the hands of most retailer marketers today,” says Reddy.
Capillary’s solution suite is powered by CEM platform which, at the core, contains a Marketing Data Warehouse and a CRM system. The customers choose those solutions to suit their needs such as customer analytics, marketing automation, store clienteling for one-to-one relationships, loyalty program management or feedback management. The company’s cloud-based, integrated customer engagement platform stands out from the crowd by not only leveraging the power of customer big data analytics, but is built specifically for the retail industry. “We understand the demands of the retail industry. Our dashboards, campaigns and other engagement programs are pre-configured with their needs in mind,” says Reddy.

The company’s solutions are being used by more than 150 enterprise customers—with over 10,000 locations and 75 Million shoppers who interact with Capillary Technology’s cloud platform. For instance, Puma, one of the worlds’ leading sports & lifestyle brand with locations in more than 120 countries leveraged key customer insights to gain an additional $2 million in sales. They turned to Capillary solutions to re-engage their dormant customer base through personalized, multi-channel programs and turned them into active customers. To create personalized programs, Capillary helped them identify, clean and integrate data from multiple sources and built a marketing data warehouse. Next, the company analyzed the data and segmented customers by their buying characteristics, preferences and predicted behavior and designed programs that shoppers were most likely to respond to. The program’s success can be proven by their results; they won back over 100,000 dormant customers for an 80 percent win-back rate in under a year.

Capillary wants to be recognized as a top 3 market leader of Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solutions in retail growth markets such as the U.S, U.K., Middle East and South Africa while maintaining its leadership in markets such as India and APAC. “Our goals is to be responsive to retailer’s needs and continue to provide them with innovative solutions to help them build and keep loyal customers,” says Reddy.

Capillary Technologies

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Aneesh Reddy, Co-founder & CEO

Capillary offers a cloud-based Intelligent Customer Engagement suite of software to retailers and consumer businesses - managing the entire life cycle of multi-channel customer engagement from data acquisition, analysis, insights, and activations to customer retention.