Capital Banking Solutions: Providing End-to-end, Integrated Banking Software

Michel Tueni, COO
With the latest wave of integrated software bringing together discrete systems in banking operations, business functions in financial institutions are effectively booming to success. However, along with the technology innovations, banks are challenged with growing regulations and compliance requirements. In fact, changing customer behaviors and demands such as an “anywhere, anytime paradigm,” is impelling banks to provide an unbeaten user-experience. Capital Banking Solutions (CBS), an integrated software systems provider supports the business operations for retail and corporate banks. “We are adapting to the new scenario through products for Internet banking, running on any device from anywhere and offering full banking operation services. We also empower organizations with risk management and compliance solution that allows businesses to manage credit, market and operational risks,” says Michel Tueni, COO, CBS.

Most importantly, CBS adds FATCA compliance component to their Capital Compliance solution, BASEL III Regulatory Reporting, and SEPA compliance to address regulatory reporting. In addition, they provide expertise to address anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, protection from corruption and terrorism, and compliance with international sanctions.

CBS’s core banking platform, CapitalBanker is designed to support the full scope of back-office and front-office services for commercial banks. “It brings to its users management and marketing tools, allowing them to stay very close to their clients, enhancing their commercial activity and performance,” says Tueni. Its scalable technical architecture uses SOA and Web Services, a rich and friendly user interface. Also, the platform’s organizational structure is dedicated to servicing every functional profile in the bank—alert management, a customer 360-degree vision, and tools for tracking profitability. Along with Risk management and Compliance, the extensive suite facilitates Business Intelligence, CRM, Bank Office Automation, and Portfolio Management.
It has multichannel that connects with the clients from anywhere via Internet, phone, mobile, ATM and kiosk. “Our full portfolio of extensible software modules is available on premise, hosted and in the cloud,” he adds.

“We ensure optimal sizing and tech-configuration to help banks with their overall architectural and development needs,” claims Tueni. “At the same time, our platform is very stable and reliable, empowering the smaller to medium-sized banks with full service IT. Our banking consultants focus at defining requirements and enhancing products, providing 'enablement' in banking. We have the ability to customize our deployments based on customer needs and local regulations, and this is done with a very successful parameter-driven design,” Tueni adds.

For instance, Bank of Africa (BOA), their client, is present today in 15 African countries through a network of commercial banks. BOA has been utilizing CBS’s core banking system, CapitalBanker, since 1998. “With more than 255 units and 2600 employees, our product architecture empowers BOA to implement a single solution in all countries which accelerates their growth in the African Continent,” says Tueni. Today BOA can manage the roll out of new banks through an internal dedicated structure.

“Cloud-based delivery is a major area of growth for us. The mobile banking paradigm has inspired us to find new delivery solutions to bank customers. In areas where mobile banking is not pervasive, we focus on other means of financial services delivery such as the OctoKiosk—an innovative solution that brings ‘banks to the client and not client to the bank’,” says Tueni. CBS sees significant growth in the Latin American and African markets, in particular as a “replacement platform” for existing antiquated systems that do not deliver the level of innovation needed for the banking market to thrive. The company is also launching a new regional office in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in February 2015. “We foresee significant growth in 2015 and beyond in the banking market for innovative solutions that are cost-effective to our clients,” he concludes.

Capital Banking Solutions

New York, NY

Michel Tueni, COO

Capital Banking Solutions (CBS) is an integrated software systems provider that supports the business operations for retail, international and corporate banks