Capital Continuity: Building a Resilient "Tomorrow"

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Lee Exall, Founder & CEO
According to Lee Exall, the MD and founder of Capital Continuity, tomorrow belongs to the “available.” Backing his aphorism, he says, “In today’s technological world, data is growing exponentially, and it is important for businesses to make their data available at all times and extract intelligence from it. Capital Continuity in collaboration with NetApp allows organizations to make their data available.”

For IT organizations, recent trends suggest that a vast majority of them are choosing hybrid cloud solutions. This means that with their existing IT landscape, these companies are exploring novel innovations and technologies in the cloud. Capital Continuity offers data protection and resiliency for businesses as they evolve their IT landscapes. They leverage NetApp’s leading storage capabilities inside their BIPs software which backups and recovers data in real-time. Having been a NetApp partner for a decade now, the company uses NetApp technology in the protection target environment which in turn complements Capital Continuity’s BIPs technology.

Capital Continuity's BIPs replication, recovery, and migration solutions deliver fully orchestrated workload protection, data retention, and instant recovery of Linux, UNIX, and Windows workloads whether virtual, physical or cloud based. Delivered as a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) software-defined solution, BIPs is agnostic to the clients’ existing or future production cloud, compute, or storage vendors, which provides them the freedom to operate their business irrespective of their providers or locations. The technology delivers a market-leading heterogeneous DRaaS technology to protect the clients’ business from today’s multiple and diverse threats from human error to cybercrime and everything in between. “Today, every business has a data reliance, and our technology orchestrates the discovery, protection, retention and recovery to make their business resilient with a single unified solution,” mentions Exall. What really steers the firm ahead of the competition is the freedom that it endows to its clients with respect to the cloud providers, storage solutions, or compute solutions that they want to choose.
By integrating with NetApp, the BIPs solution is equipped with the ability to protect its clients in realtime along with taking one thousand point in time copies per workload which have zero impact on the customer’s production environment. The real-time or historical data can be used to instantly create new or duplicate workloads for recovery purposes or to check historical data instances for compliance or cyber alerts. Founded in 2006, Capital Continuity offers a horizontal solutions portfolio and has gained massive traction in industries such as healthcare, aviation, and the BFSI sector. In one instance, they helped a Fortune 50 company in building various levels of protection to improve resiliency. The client had a large IT infrastructure but was looking to move 40 percent of their business to AWS. In its quest to find a single solution that could protect their existing and the modern cloud business workloads, they chose Capital Continuity. The seamless process that the firm delivered during this client engagement and many others is a prime testament to the success they have achieved as a NetApp partner delivering DRaaS and migration solutions.

Today, every business has a data reliance, and our technology orchestrates the discovery, protection, retention and recovery to make their business resilient

Having carved a strong presence in the data resiliency space, Capital Continuity has deployed their solutions in 20 different countries and aims to expand its growth with a new software version release and by opening a new customer service support center in Hungary this summer. “As data grows in an untapped manner and is spread across clouds, Capital Continuity gains more prominence as the go-to data resiliency vendor, and we aim to build on our reputation in the near future,” informs Exall. Moving forward, Capital Continuity see that DRaaS will become a bi product of cloud protection and enablement and will continue to innovate to be a well-known face in this space.

Capital Continuity

New York, NY

Lee Exall, Founder & CEO

Founded in 2006, Capital Continuity—BIPs provide disaster Recovery & Migration software/services. Capital Continuity’s BIPs (Business Interruption Protection software) technology is transforming the way the global organizations and cloud service providers shield and recover Petabytes of information. BIPs-POD is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) software-defined solution that provides a complete orchestrated shield, data retention, and immediate recovery of UNIX, Linux, and Windows workloads. BIPs is agnostic to organizations’ present or future production cloud, compute or storage vendors which delivers the companies freedom to operate their business wherever suits and continue to provide the markets leading heterogeneous DRaaS technology to shield their business from today’s various threats5. ePlus Herndon, VA