CapLinked: Forging VDR-based API and Enhanced Mobile with Blockchain Security

Christopher Grey, COO & Co-Founder
In today’s collaboration landscape, data sharing plays a vital role in setting up and closing business deals. In most cases, the data to be shared is highly confidential and sensitive, and hence organizations tend to be cautious about what/how they share and who can see it. To address the need for secure data collaboration, CapLinked brings to the table a modern, intuitive virtual data room—that can be setup in less than 10 minutes—where enterprises and outside collaborators can edit, share, and track sensitive information easily and securely. Through industry-recognized security credentials and customizable permission settings, CapLinked makes the task of exchanging data with outside vendors hassle-free without having to worry about the information ending up with the wrong recipient.

Adding value to the virtual data room is CapLinked’s open API that incorporates robust security modules such as end-to-end data encryption, permission, watermarking, file archiving, comprehensive activity tracking, and plugin-free Digital Rights Management (DRM). More importantly, the API enables businesses to seamlessly integrate these modules into their proprietary application/ CRM/ file storage platform and thus exchange files in a secure manner. Furthermore, the DRM module plays a significant role in file protection as it enables users to control access to sensitive files even after they were downloaded and helps manage permission for viewing or printing of these files. Being plugin-free, CapLinked’s DRM technology does not need frequent updates or software installations, meaning uninterrupted business operations. Also, DRM keeps track of every file that is downloaded and optimizes file activity insights to streamline workflows and increase efficiency throughout a collaboration project.

At the heart of all of CapLinked’s solutions is its knack for security. In this regard, the firm’s COO and Co-Founder, Christopher Grey says, “We are working on the next-generation of security compliance, i.e., to enable a private client encryption key for each file.” All data on CapLinked—inbound, outbound, or at-rest—is connected via HTTPS while being protected by multi-layer security firewalls. Also, what makes CapLinked unique from the rest is the fact that it capitalizes on blockchain technology for distributed storage.

We are working on the next-generation of security compliance, i.e., to enable a private client encryption key for each file

As for support, CapLinked brings in its qualified team that extends personalized, expert, round-the-clock phone, e-mail, and chat service for all its enterprise customers. In terms of professional services, the firm renders full audit support in order to help customers finalize deals quickly. Additionally, CapLinked offers the option of customized reporting to make sure the information required by customers is available to them.

Owing to their feasibility, CapLinked’s solutions have been opted by various organizations ranging from financial marketplaces dealing with complex transactions to large pharmaceutical companies using it primarily for the digital rights management function. In the context, Grey mentions a particular use case where a global online credit marketplace that was in need for a solution to effectively deliver their networks transaction to their respective investors. This is where CapLinked’s fully-functional information control platform came into play and served as a secure portal for the client to collaborate with investors and execute the timely delivery of due diligence materials.

Over the next few months, CapLinked plans to roll out a mobile application that will be focused on the notifications that occur within the system. Quite notably, their current application is already optimized for the mobile, but the upcoming version will implement the blockchain technology to achieve better security. The bulk of the credit for CapLinked’s ongoing innovations goes to its multifaceted team of technology evangelists who hail from diverse backgrounds and upholds wide-ranging perspectives which altogether lend the firm a competitive advantage.


Los Angeles, CA

Christopher Grey, COO & Co-Founder

Offers a fully-functional, open API for enterprises and outside collaborators to team up and share sensitive information easily and securely