capSpire:Customized Solutions for Complete Control over the Commodity Trade Life-cycle

CIO VendorMike Scharf, Co-founder
There’s got to be a better way” – it’s a statement that echoes throughout halls of capSpire, Inc, a firm that specializes in commodities trading and risk management, complex enterprise content management, and data analytics. Since its founding in 2009, company co-Founder Mike Scharf has used this mantra to grow capSpire’s reputation as an innovator in commodity life cycle management.

Scharf believes it is essential that energy and commodity companies make better strategic decisions and do more to enhance the value of their critical assets. This is greatly enhanced when companies focus on providing increased transparency into their organizational processes and margins. capSpire is well positioned to help organizations through these types of changes. “We combine our expertise in energy and energy specific source systems with data modeling and analytics knowledge to enable our clients with self-service analytics,” affirms Scharf.
“We also partner with leading analytics providers to ensure ongoing value and bridge the gap between business and IT to give our clients the best data experience.”
capSpire’s solutions are simple, easy- to-use platforms that are revolutionizing the commodity market. “By offering customers complete control over the commodity trade life cycle, our solutions have set the standard and have emerged as the best practices for collaboration between commodity trading companies and clients,” reveals Scharf.

The firm’s flagship product, Gravitate, is like no other. The solution helps create organizational and market efficiencies by fundamentally changing the way energy and commodity companies communicate with their customers and trading partners.

Gravitate’s customizable user interface delivers dashboards, real-time prices, and trade execution while providing quick access to prices, contract data, bills of lading, and invoices.
To help automate workflow processes, Gravitate also comes with an out-of-the-box notification and alert system that enable customers to create customized alerts for their specific business processes. “Our Data-Analytics practice is missioned to ‘increase profitability by enabling data-driven decision making’ and has proven effective in leading companies through the journey of becoming truly data-driven,” affirms Scharf.
capSpire’s crude optimization solution enables oil producers and marketers to optimize margins. Furthermore, this solution helps crude marketers make more informed strategic decisions on transportation investments and more accurately identify the most profitable leases.
capSpire provides products and services to over sixty companies around the globe. This includes six Fortune 100 companies, almost two dozen of the Fortune 500 companies, and some of the largest energy companies in Europe. For instance, consider the case involving a leading NGL, refined products and crude midstream and marketing company. The client had issues consolidating the various modules and capSpire came to their rescue. capSpire’s Gravitate not only consolidated the prices, positions, and critical customer data into an internal portal, but also provided them with detailed audit capabilities. In addition, capSpire developed a real-time price board that is shared across a number of different marketing offices nationwide and consolidated position data that is captured in trading system. All these capabilities enabled the client to pull in new price alerts, new supply agreements, and general messages from all marketers to increase transparency for marketing.

“Going forward, our vision is to bring greater transparency to our customers’ internal workings and processes,” claims Scharf. “This is because, only through better transparency of holistic costs, margins, profit and loss can a company drive informed and strategic decisions,” he explains.

capSpire also aims to be at the forefront of the data-driven decision revolution. “All our offerings remain consistent with an overall strategy of enabling the consolidation of information— both structured and unstructured—in a way that encourages better and more informed decision-making throughout that company,” Scharf concludes.


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Mike Scharf, Co-founder

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