CardioComm Solutions, Inc. [CVE: EKG]: Redefining Cardiac Monitoring

Etienne Grima, CEO
Since its inception, CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (“CardioComm”) has been at the forefront of providing innovative remote patient monitoring technologies to enable use of cardiac monitors for recording, transmitting, viewing, and reporting of ECGs. With over 20 years of expertise in supporting hospitals, medical call centers, and doctors’ offices, CardioComm has evolved as a leader in the medical diagnostic industry. Unlike its competitors, the firm holds a unique distinction as an FDA cleared, ISO certified and Health Canada/CE approved company for the development, sale, and marketing of “software as a medical device (SaaMD)” and ECG monitoring devices. Moreover, unlike its competitors, CardioComm owns its own source code allowing the company to apply its proprietary technology to provide novel connectivity and data transmission solutions between patient, device, doctor, and health plan decision makers for diagnosis and ongoing management of patients.

CardioComm’s core technology is its Global ECG Monitoring Solution (GEMS™) software that enables viewing, storing, analyzing, and sharing of ECGs over a global virtual healthcare network. The company provides a total solution for the patient monitoring landscape through a validated software platform that agnostically manages medical device connectivity with different manufacturer’s ECG devices that CardioComm has validated. This total solution platform is HIPAA compliant and provides a fully auditable end-to-end system for use in device, patient/physician communication protocols and for controlling computer or cloud-based systems to run any remote monitoring installation. Cloud resources are controlled by CardioComm in Canada which is compliant with Canadian and U.S. health data storage regulations. With the ability to seamlessly control patient data sharing and storage management in complains with all regulatory and technology standards, CardioComm is helping to drive telemedicine offerings to new levels. The GEMS™ technology can also be integrated within other firm’s service platforms.

As more medical devices like ambulatory ECG monitors and glucometers are widely being adopted in patient care, the assurance of the genuineness of data from such devices remains a point of concern. There are threats that devices can be engineered to alter the raw data collected while recorded, transferred or stored. “We ensure that the software and hardware devices involved in our SaaMD ECG management solutions present a true biological signal.

The firm holds a unique distinction as an FDA cleared, ISO certified and Health Canada/CE approved company

We show the raw data without the influence of deliberate pre-filtering or algorithm smoothing, practices used by some manufacturers to reduce file size, make ECG traces look more appealing and to save on data transmission costs. It is within the software itself that filters can be applied as the reviewer chooses,” explains Etienne Grima, CEO, CardioComm.

Moreover, from the software perspective, CardioComm’s solutions are extremely stable, without a single bug report or complaint reported to US or Canadian regulatory agencies during the company’s two decades of existence.

Over the years, CardioComm has built a sterling reputation within the patient monitoring landscape with their innovative device agnostic solutions, hardware devices, as well as offering software services to medical gadget manufacturers and remote monitoring companies. CardioComm’s clients include GE Healthcare, Philips Medical and France based VisioMed, where CardioComm’s novel ECG management solutions have supported high-volume mobile cardiac telemetry ECG monitoring services.

CardioComm has announced plans to release software with communications compatibility to new and emerging medical device manufacturers. This includes smart shirts, patch devices, and wrist worn sports bands which can read multiple biosigns at once. In this role, CardioComm’s ECG management SaMD solutions are a combination of each device company’s respective medical device clearances. Moreover, to move in tandem with changing market trends, CardioComm is now developing firmware and software-based interpretive and predictive algorithms for more effective patient monitoring. CardioComm envisions the launch of its next generation GEMS™ FLEX software platform as an OS, device and browser agnostic software solution based on an ‘everything ECG’ policy, allowing continuous mobile cardiac telemetry monitoring on patients.

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. [CVE: EKG]

Toronto, Canada

Etienne Grima, CEO and John Overall, CFO and Branislav Vasilijevic, CTO

Provider of innovative medical software solutions for remote monitoring of electrocardiograms

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. [CVE: EKG]