Carelike: A Source of Visibility for Patient Centricity

Shae McBride, Senior VP of Strategy
Value-based care today is driving the need for healthcare institutions to produce ample information in order to support therapy and its significance. With patients and caregivers alike consuming that information, the reliability of data pushes a need for solutions that fit the bill. When it comes to finding the right solution, “there is a lot of technology out there, but what works in a given situation fails in another, and this raises the question of how to develop, deliver, and scale within the confines of a highly-regulated space,” mentions Shae McBride, Senior VP of Strategy at Carelike. By devising digital partnerships for its clients to support not only the patient but the often—overlooked family members, Carelike provides scalable solutions that serve help on demand. The firm wraps its easy-to-use technology around a rich database of resources and partner networks to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information, which enables family caregivers to improve the quality of life for patients.

A study shows that about 93 million family caregivers in the US spend an estimated $522 billion in care for their loved ones. “We know that these numbers are climbing and to be truly patient-centric, pharma companies need to endow family caregivers with seamless and easy-to-use health information technology,” says Shae. “We support patient-centricity by focusing not only on the quality of life of the patient but of those caring for them.” Carelike assists its pharma clients to help the family caregivers as well as the patients during the transition from one care setting to another and provides support and insights that can be informative at every stage of their drug administration cycle, ultimately resulting in better outcomes. In a survey of 10,000 patients, 40 percent surveyed couldn’t name ANY of the pharma companies who made their treatments. Carelike supports pharmaceutical patient support initiatives by providing best-in-class solutions that provide pharmaceutical organizations the ability to support and assist each patient, and their family members, on their journey towards better health.

We support patient centricity by focusing not only on the quality of life of the patient but of those caring for them

Carelike creates branded web based resource tool, giving patients access to both medical and non-medical services including private duty home care, transportation, medical home healthcare, hospice, and other community support services. Carelike’s CareTrait technology serves up the resource finder through an easy to enroll hybrid mobile communication platform supported by SMS.

In addition to supporting pharmaceutical companies, Carelike specializes in partnering with patient advocacy groups to better facilitate community based care, increase quality of life, and provide quality choices throughout the patient journey. Carelike’s suite of services offers the ability for these groups to highlight special programs or pertinent features that patients in need can opt for.

As an enhancement to curating and maintaining a seamless and comprehensive post-acute and community care repository, the firm has recently launched its mobile network that encourages pharma and advocacy groups to work together to support patients. “We are very excited about our latest technology supporting clients who already have databases but need management for integrity improvement,” mentions McBride. The firm will also be launching an improved platform for transition care providers that will help them manage their businesses. This platform will power a community of trust with options for self-input and contribution that will be included in quality weighing scores.


Atlanta, GA

Shae McBride, Senior VP of Strategy

Carelike offers an un-rivaled opportunity for pharma and advocacy groups to work together to enhance care delivery for patients