Carolina Business Equipment: Optimization to Bring Stability and Security

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John Eckstrom, President
An organization’s focus should be on growing business, and the role of technology is to aid in the growth while reducing the operating costs. However, many industries amass technology that later proves to be helping increase operating expenses and clobbering growth. Thereafter starts an arduous journey of upgrading the current technology that further adds the burden on the finance department’s coffers and the organization’s resource pool. They require a partner like Carolina Business Equipment, who can optimize and deliver IT solutions much quicker than its competition and let organizations focus on the business while they take care of the technology aspect.

Columbia, South Carolina-based Carolina Business Equipment has overhauled its core business of print services and now caters to a wide range of IT services. The 47 years old company has one single motto: the client should always have a positive experience. “Whether it is print services or IT services, we want to deliver an amazing interaction to the client,” says John Eckstrom, President, Carolina Business Equipment.

When it comes to client engagement, the company starts with evaluating technology on the client-side. The focus is to understand the best way to either utilize the existing technology to make it more efficient or recommend a better solution that’s going to provide a higher level of security and operational efficiency. It’s the predictive analysis that puts Carolina Business Equipment in an advantageous position where they know about how the technology will function and what can be potential loopholes that need to be addressed. This enables the company to get their clients up and running from the first call of contact.

“We will coach and consult our clients through our expertise on what the best recommended path would be,” says Matt Lucas, Manager, IT Services, Carolina Business Equipment. “Our approach to manage and wrap our arms around the entire technology stack that the client employs helps us support our clients.”
Matt, Manager
When a medical facility was paying a hefty price for their technology stack but still wasn’t getting the job done, they approached Carolina Business Equipment. Matt’s assessment of the client’s network found out that they had aging servers without a proper disaster recovery plan. Matt’s team collected some information and presented reports to the client that illustrated that they weren’t relatively as healthy as they were led to believe. The company delivered an overall technology solution, brought the client up to current standards and best practices, and brought some stability. Carolina Business Equipment is still working with the client to keep them secure and stable.

Our approach to manage and wrap our arms around the entire technology stack that the client employs helps us support our clients

Network monitoring, disaster recovery, and security have now become the core functions of the company. Carolina Business Equipment has ensured that its clientele is secured from the attacks through a layered approach. Since ‘bad guys’ never sleep, the organizations have to be relentless in their pursuit of the protection and security of those systems, and Carolina Business Equipment’s job is to make sure that there are no surprises for the client.

The client-centric approach of Carolina Business Equipment has garnered a reputation, and there have been instances when the client has already heard about the same. Even though the company has reinvented itself since its inception back in the mid-’70s, they have been able to stay relevant by utilizing technology to create a competitive differentiator. Carolina Business Equipment is continually pushing itself to ensure that they do the things for exceptional client experience in every aspect.

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John Eckstrom, President and Matt, Manager

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