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Gregg Rounds, CIO & CTO
Navigating the curvaceous roads of the Magnificent Alps following the Tour de France on a bicycle has been an exhilarating challenge for Gregg Rounds. Being an avid cyclist who rode over 3,000 miles last year, Rounds believes pedaling over mountains needs confidence, persistence and dedication to the craft just like it does in building a team and business. Rounds opines, “We have to be persistent and dedicated as a team to ensure we are pedaling forward in the same direction as when we do there is no mountain we cannot climb together.” As the Chief Information and Technology Officer of Carrier Access, he brings the same aspects to the business—helping the company grow exponentially through exceptional customer service, advanced knowledge of the industry and ensuring staff go the extra mile to get things done right the first time. “We simplified the customer interface to the carrier by providing technical expertise, project management resources and 24/7 support so our can customers focus on their business,” remarks Rounds. As a multi-solution resource facilitator for their partners and customers, Carrier Access’s core competencies revolve around the connectivity, technology and lifecycle arenas—both wireless and wireline.

Highlighting a case study, Rounds says the company works with a global leader in financial services on a full lifecycle solution with wireless being a core component. “We are end to end accountable for supporting more than 2500 corporate mobility users for all their needs. Our process has integrated into the customer’s ServiceNow platform for all Tier 1 and MAC-D support for carrier interfaces, proactive plan management and MDM alerts. During onboarding, we optimized the user environment which yielded $1.4 million in annual savings. Via proactive carrier plan and MDM travel alert management, we save an estimated $60,000 in roaming and data overages monthly.”

With the continued introduction of Internet of Things (IoT), the rate of change in the wireless space is one of the most dynamic service items to address today.“With enhanced wireless capabilities, accessibility makes IoT possible. The customer interaction is huge and has aided the advancement of adoption. We see our Asa Service model opportunity in managing the connected experience through carrier integration, technical expertise and service desk support as a huge advantage.

We enable our customers to focus on their core competencies. We focus on making them better by delivering customized, personalized solutions

Combining this with operational and financial reporting processes, it provides a tremendous amount of transparency to our customers.”

Along with IoT, the advancement of Ethernet technology is re-defining standards with interfaces, bandwidths and physical architecture. “We have seen a large influx of customers moving from 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GBE) to 10 GBE and have recently had some move to 40 GBE, which was unheard of a few years ago,” remarks Rounds. With the recent 100 GBE standards being developed and 400 GBE on the horizon, the company and its connectivity partners are investing actively to support the technologies as the new standards get introduced. “Having staff who understand these new technologies is a key differentiator for us in the market and helps our customers understand what are the right options,” says Rounds.

Forging ahead, the company has made adjustments in staffing and restructured departments to ensure they exceed the customers’ expectation every time. In addition, Carrier Access continues to expand their product offering into cloud, virtualization, storage and networking arenas. “As Service is our core differentiator, we facilitate operational tasks to increase service levels at a lower cost. Our practice has evolved to address the needs of our clients and all of it is centered around them. Our customers like coming to one partner for every need and we continue to expand due to their feedback,” concludes Rounds.

Carrier Access Inc

Clive, IA

Gregg Rounds, CIO & CTO

Carrier Access’s core competencies are in the connectivity, technology, and lifecycle arenas—both wireless and wireline

Carrier Access Inc