Carsinia: A Web Based One-Stop Shop Solution

Andrea Jauregui, CEO
Traditional in-house and Windows based DMS no longer serve the needs of new age dealers. The industry has moved on to web and mobile platforms that provides mobility, reliability and easy access, eliminating the software set-up hazels, storage and server maintenance associated with legacy systems. Assisting the dealership networks with innovative solutions is Carsinia, an online Dealership Management System provider located in San Diego, CA, offering a suite of web-based DMS solutions that substitutes the need for multiple systems.

“The company was founded to serve a starting dealership. This new business needed a web based solution to address the multiple incompatible systems problem, as the members of the staff struggled with solutions that did not communicate with each other. Seeing that there were no services offering an all-encompassing online solution, we started work on the DMS,” says Andrea Jauregui, CEO, Carsinia. The company’s web based DMS allows users to access the solution from any location using web browsers on desktops, smartphones or tablets.

The Dealer Website product offering provides dealers search engine optimized websites with car listings and contact forms. Carsinia also provides custom email hosting to the dealers and marketing modules that communicate with dealer websites to market their products. “Carsinia’s custom designed websites are integrated within the DMS such that the vehicles that are entered into the system and flagged ‘Ready for Marketing’ will automatically be shown in the website and sent to marketing venues like AutoTrader, eBay and other platforms,” says Cagdas Ucar, Co-founder and CTO, Carsinia.
The solution also offers a CRM module that will help dealers manage the amount of information involved in each customer interaction. The CRM tools assist the dealers in build-on from leads using its Business Intelligence.

Carsinia offers credit reports that furnish their customers with the credit details of buyers, helping by again having all required information available in one system. The report also sticks to the Patriotic Act, helping dealers analyze the customer before filing the Suspicious Activity report. The accounting module in Carsinia’s DMS has Quickbooks integration that helps dealers sync the charts at any frequency. It lets dealers’ export and import chart of accounts of which the account names can be configured in Carsinia.

Henry Clay Motors, a dealership that sells used-mini vans and SUVs wanted to expand their business, eliminating the complex processes they had due to using multiple disconnected systems. They were looking for a software solution that would integrate their website, inventory management, vehicle reconditioning, marketing and F&I functions to a new system by keeping the end result simple and interactive. Harley Clay Motors conducted a thorough study to find the best solution provider in the industry and Carsinia was the answer. “Software solutions offered by Carsinia are fantastic and after using them for the past 5 years, there is no doubt in my mind that Carsinia was the catalyst in getting us to 100 car sales per month,” says Ben Reynolds, Co-Founder, Henry Clay Motors.

In the coming days, with the same focus on transparency and growth, Carsinia looks at adding new features to its DMS suite of products to enhance dealership experiences.


San Diego, CA

Andrea Jauregui, CEO

Traditional in-house and Windows based DMS no longer serve the needs of new age dealers. The industry has moved on to web and mobile platforms that provides mobility