CartoPac International: Streamlining High Priority Assets and Workflows

Carl Lee, Chairman and CEO
The demand for implementing and maintaining technology systems that reduce risk factors and improve productivity has never been greater in energy and utilities industry. CIOs of major oil and gas organizations are facing several impediments in employing cost effective solutions that could assist them in delivering results in a difficult economic environment. While doing so, organizations must also meet the requirements of regulatory compliance. Addressing these roadblocks, Fort Collins, CO headquartered CartoPac International provides software solutions, services, and support for accurate collection of asset inventory and data inspection. From basic mobile applications used to map field assets, to deploying enterprise systems, CartoPac offers services and products that are critical for integrity management and regulatory compliance programs.

CartoPac has extensive experience in a wide range of applications unique to oil and gas and utility enterprises. The company has been working with some of the leading oil and gas organizations for a decade to support their geospatial field assets and management needs. CartoPac meets the risk and compliance issues of organizations by providing accurate location, condition assessments, and actionable workflows. Further elaborating on the company’s objective, Carl Lee, CEO CartoPac states “Our drive is to make data intelligent, timely, and useful.” CartoPac’s solutions for oil and gas industry include establishing and maintaining risk prone areas, inspection of pipelines and related assets, Esri Geographic Information System (GIS), integration with Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS), and asset management. The key strength of the company as highlighted by Lee is, “integration with enterprise databases and applications, facilitated by the company’s technology platform that comprises-CartoPac Studio, Server, Workflow Manager, and Scoring.”

Today, CartoPac’s clientele includes some of the largest organizations across industries such as oil and gas, environmental, utilities, defense, and municipalities.
One such client was a global oil and gas enterprise that used traditional spreadsheets to document the pipeline and related asset inspection and location data. This documented data was then manually loaded into the enterprise systems—a process that often took eleven months to complete the cycle of data consolidation. This resulted in poor data accuracy and the company was constantly hit with heavy fines due to regulatory issues. With CartoPac, 400 mobile users across branches are now collecting and reporting data multiple times a day.The captured data is uploaded on a daily basis, while the Workflow Manager monitors the data through a verification and escalation process, which is then seamlessly loaded into PODS. Lee states that “the elapsed time dropped from eleven months to a few hours.” The client eventually witnessed a dramatic rise in data accuracy along with substantial decrease in the cost of collecting and managing data.

Cartopac’s focus is on making data actionable and timely, improving compliance, reducing risk,and multiplying productivity

Moving beyond the traditional boundaries, Lee who is always up for challenges says, “Cartopac’s focus is on making data actionable and timely, improving compliance, reducing risk, and multiplying productivity.” In the light of the growing mobile market and the extensibility of mobile applications for oil and gas, CartoPac aims to incorporate the changing mobile trends into its products. Prioritizing the development of applications that make data actionable, while supporting management assessment and decision-making, CartoPac is looking forward to offering large scale deployments of mobile applications for oil and gas industry. “Adapting to new developments in a timely manner, CartoPac will continue to deliver a broad range of cross functional products and solutions that assist energy companies,” affirms Lee.

CartoPac International

Fort Collins, CO

Carl Lee, Chairman and CEO

From basic mobile applications used to map field assets to deploying enterprise systems, CartoPac provides software solutions for energy comapanies.