Cartrack: Simplifying Asset Tracking and Fleet Management

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Isaias Jose Calisto, Founder & CEO
For any company, tracking investments and understanding how they are used is crucial for ensuring streamlined operations. To that end, asset tracking systems are utilized to remove the guesswork; however, the system needs to be easy to integrate and implement, in order to help administrative professionals save time and manpower. Offering the most effective way to track and trace virtually any asset is Cartrack’s Asset Tracking System that reduces losses, increases productivity, and profits for businesses. The system comprises self-powered GPS monitoring units with a long battery life that provides updates on an asset’s location. Typical applications include the periodic positioning of assets such as generators, containers, trailers, and any other moveable item. The assets can be tracked and managed through Cartrack’s web portal that records asset positioning at pre-determined intervals. “While our technology appears to be complicated, in essence, it has been around for quite some time. It is quite a simple process, we get to know what the requirements are from our clients, understand it, and deliver a service that meets their needs,” says Isaias Jose Calisto, founder and CEO of Cartrack.

Founded in 2001, Cartrack initially focused on the tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles. This system was developed keeping in mind the Sub-Saharan African market, which has one of the highest rates of vehicle theft in the world. Moreover, to demonstrate the confidence in their system, Cartrack currently offers a cashback recovery warranty to customers in case their stolen vehicles are unable to be recovered. Now, with the rapid development of telecommunication services such as 3G networks, the company has broadened the scope of its portfolio to include telematics services, with a particular focus on fleet management. The company has developed a web-based fleet management system that helps lower fuel and operating costs while increasing profits.

We get to know what the requirements are from our clients, understand it, and deliver a service that meets their needs

It uses GPS technology and Google Maps to achieve total transparency over a vehicle’s current status and actions on a continuous basis. An advanced telematics device is installed in their customers’ vehicles to provide real-time location details and reduce fuel and operating costs by monitoring a driver’s bad habits such as speed, excessive idling, and route inefficiencies.

A key contributor to Cartrack’s success is its dedication to research and development (R&D). This continued focus on innovation has enabled the company to expand globally. It comes as no surprise that Cartrack’s hardware and software products are held in highest standards by technicians around the world. Their approach of not compromising on service delivery and reliability has paved the way for Cartrack’s technology to be widely accepted by motor manufacturers and insurers. When confronted with a problem, the team makes every effort to rectify the situation regardless of time or cost. Cartrack’s service underpins its robust products, the simplicity of the systems, and the availability and versatility to offer rich features on one integrated platform. Given that their technology underwent decades of development, the solution proves to be highly scalable. This gives Cartrack the opportunity to provide cutting-edge solutions to organizations at affordable investments. With over one million units deployed and more than 850,000 active subscribers across Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America, this company is one of the world’s leading telematics provider.


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Isaias Jose Calisto, Founder & CEO

Cartrack is a service-centric organization and leading global provider of fleet management, telematics, and security services with a mission of generating intelligent and actionable data for fleet operators in real time. The company’s proprietary technology is designed and manufactured in-house and offered exclusively to Cartrack subscribers. It has faced some of the world’s most challenging environments and has thus earned a reputation of consistently delivering best-in-class fleet and workforce management and customer service solutions with unprecedented quality and financial satisfaction to more than 800,000 subscribers. Having launched in South Africa in 2004, Cartrack has since then established itself within 24 additional countries across Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand