Carve Systems LLC: Providing Enterprise Level IT security to Small Businesses

Mike Zusman, Founder
Several organizations across the globe constantly come across incidents of unauthorized access from hackers and cyber attacks and end up losing important data.

Cyber attacks and hackers can cause damage in various ways, thereby affecting organizational functioning and reputation. To present solutions with the latest technological tools to address these increasingly growing attacks, Carve Systems LLC was founded in 2011. Headquartered in Ridgewood New Jersey, the company is headed by Mike Zusman, founder and principal consultant.

Carve systems has deep-rooted knowledge in delivering high-end security consulting services, ranging from network, application, web to information security, for Fortune 500 organizations and newly founded small ventures as well. Unlike its counterparts, Carve systems also complements its enterprise consulting offerings with products and services tailor-made for both small and large companies.

The enterprise and web security services from Carve Systems include technology risk assessments to identify risk factors and understand unfulfilled security needs, developing proactive, anticipatory audit requirements for deployment of new technologies, assessing the security of applications and networks and advanced security training to enhance resistance to phishing and spear phishing attacks.
Carve Systems offers assistance in Web Site Security, Security Assessment, and security training for small-level companies. The company has vast knowledge on different aspects such as dispersal of Malware, Defacement, Financial and Data Theft as well as consulting services.

Carve systems delivers high-end security consulting services, ranging from network to information security, for Fortune 500 organizations

They help customers and technology experts in getting acquainted with most up-to-date security threats and provide comprehensive suggestions on bringing in improvement to them infrastructural security.

Carve Systems LLC

Ridgewood, NJ

Mike Zusman, Founder

A provider of enterprise level IT security services, network security, training and liability services.