Cascadeo Corporation: Cloud Transformation Made Easier and Powerful

Michael Norring, CEO
Today, with every business being under pressure to do more with less, CIOs need to maximize the return on investment on newer technologies. Cloud computing being one of them has the potential to prepare technology companies into becoming more responsive to enterprise challenges with guaranteed advantages of speed, agility, flexibility, and versatility. However, most companies fail to realize the maximum value out of their cloud migration. According to Michael Norring, CEO, Cascadeo Corporation, “organizations are considering cloud computing but they are not clear on the reasons for migration. We try to understand their decision to opt for the cloud and show them the true value of this technology.”

Cascadeo is an engineering firm focused on helping organizations with cloud deployments so clients can focus on building their products and services. The company works with the customers at every step to design, build, automate, and manage their cloud deployments. Cascadeo recognizes the need to build towards operability and align with business model, objectives, and roadmap to ensure clients success. In order to provide the clients with dynamic operational infrastructure, Cascadeo joined hands with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to become one of their first Seattle partners and cherish a long time partnership. “AWS helps firms shift resources away from data center investments and operations by auto scaling products and providing tools that help in deploying solutions quicker,” adds Norring.

The Cascadeo team understands that every organization is unique and requires different strategies for their business growth. Hence, whether public, private, or a hybrid cloud, Cascadeo works closely with their clients to find the best solution that fits the customer’s needs.The company has split their services into specific buckets that help the clients individually. They go in early, work with the customers by designing and building the product for service, and help customers understand the best practice design patterns so that the solution can be built with scalability, reliability and with operability in mind.
Cascadeo has joined the Chef Certified program to drive knowledge of skills and tools for IT automation projects in order to advise customers at every step of the cloud deployment journey.

Through its experience, the team at Cascadeo has understood that an organization’s operations directly link with their customers and work to assess cost, scalability, and functionality to choose the right technologies for delivering services. The company works with their clients in maximizing the energy thrust into value-creation activities, while Cascadeo takes care of infrastructure, architecture, scale, and operations. Cascadeo’s main areas of focus include large-scale distributed systems, cloud architecture, and migration, amongst others. They help their clients by streamlining the monitoring and operational capabilities, implementing disaster recovery strategies, and setting up custom Chef Implementations.

We were one of the first partners of AWS and have had the experience of working with them closely

Cascadeo also has a 24x7 operations team that monitors and manages their clients’ cloud implementations, so clients can rely on Cascadeo to provide an ongoing turn-key solution for cloud infrastructure.

“Our engineers come to us with deep experience in the environments and technologies, and a business maturity to help clients as consultants,” says Norring. The engineers are exposed to a variety of implementations and new information, to stay relevant. Cascadeo ensures the design of solutions addressing the challenges in cloud infrastructure. Marching forward, the company looks to scale its infrastructure and operations.”

Cascadeo Corporation

Seattle, WA

Michael Norring, CEO

Providing large-scale distributed systems, cloud architecture and migration, deployment automation, monitoring systems, and complex networking.