Casenet: Effectively Coordinating Care Through Integrated Care Management

Peter Masanotti, CEO
In the current healthcare continuum, payers and providers together have two overwhelming missions, one is to deal with the overall wellness of the population and the second is to manage individuals in high acuity populations where the majority of the costs incur. Casenet’s platform helps clients achieve this mission by delivering a care management system that integrates with existing applications to effectively enable better coordinated care for diverse population segments. “Our TruCare platform serves as the backbone for the payers who have to manage diverse populations and ensure wellness,” says Peter Masanotti, CEO at Casenet. “We remove barriers and improve care coordination and ultimately help our clients better manage their members’ health as well as their care,” he adds.

Masanotti’s deep experience in managing technology-based companies has taught him the definite need for persistence, focus, flexibility and the readiness to contribute the very best, to be successful. These parameters resound in the current healthcare scenario where the evolving innovative care management programs present challenges to the teams delivering care management services. The most common challenges revolve around data integration with outside data sources such as EHRs and other point solutions. Casenet is simplifying this with a care management system that integrates with existing applications and has the flexibility to connect with new ones as well. “Our innovative product, Casenet delivers solutions that help our clients support their members in achieving their maximum health TruCare, serves as the platform and repository for all member data which gives care managers an overall view of the information required to promote wellness,” says Masanotti.

Casenet realizes that the only way of achieving efficient health delivery is through integrated care management, where the goal is to coordinate care with all caregivers at different levels, be it social workers, behavioral health specialists or community resources. TruCare’s enterprise-level, highly scalable and configurable member centered care management system with its automated workflows simplifies the complex processes and relationships required to manage an individual’s or a population’s care.
The platform can integrate with remote monitoring systems, EMRs or other data on ADL (activities of daily living) monitoring or clinical monitoring (blood pressure or respiratory rates), which enables that data to be presented to the appropriate care teams who can then take action based on the member’s needs including calling or sending a correspondence to the member (i.e. a reminder letter to a diabetic about a missed appointment for an eye exam). “With TruCare, care delivery becomes not only efficient, but also effective,” says Masanotti.

“TruCare has an extensive set of 150 web services, APIs and integrations that allow our clients to take the applications they want to use and integrate them to TruCare,” states Masanotti. In addition to interoperability, the platform’s scalability helps clients be successful. One of Casenet’s clients has five thousand concurrent users in 19 locations simultaneously using the system which supports more than 3 million members. TruCare has also helped its clients increase authorization automation by 22 percent and reduce data entry mistakes by 60 percent which helped to improve claims payment accuracy.

The Casenet TruCare platform also includes TruCare Mobile, an iOS and Windows 8 tablet application, and TruCare Connect, a portal capability that allows access to TruCare by providers and other caregivers outside the customers’ firewall enabling caregivers to become more efficient and effective in providing better healthcare.

Casenet’s business spans government-sponsored and commercial health plans, TPAs and contracts with states managing their own Medicare programs. “Our broad customer base reflects the core flexibility of our system and helps us to have a real perspective and deeper understanding of the market to satisfy every customer. In the end it’s all about the member and our ability to deliver solutions that help our clients support their members in achieving their maximum health,” concludes Masanotti.

Casenet delivers solutions that help our clients support their members in achieving their maximum health


Bedford, MA

Peter Masanotti, CEO

Casenet delivers unmatched flexibility to coordinate care management programs using our comprehensive and extensible, enterprise care management platform and integrated care management workflows.