Caserta Concepts: Bringing Experience And Expertise To Data Warehouse And Big Data Projects

Joe Caserta, Founder & CEO
With a network of more than 200 data and analytics professionals who design, architect and implement scalable Big Data and data warehouse solutions for Fortune 1000 clients, Caserta Concepts, a consulting and technology services firm headquartered in New York, brings years of experience and expertise to big data analytics, data warehousing and business intelligence projects. “We believe we have a unique approach to client engagements. We gather together the right mix of professionals with the expertise and skills that match the client need. We then work with what we call ‘The Caserta Method’ - a tried, timetested, proven methodology to provide data solutions to our clients across a multiple of industries. This approach to client solutions has been established, developed and matured over decades of progressive experience in the field and is the basis of our industry success, ’’ says Joe Caserta, CEO and founder of Caserta Concepts.

Caserta Concepts offers technical knowledge in Big Data analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence, along with a depth of experience in project management, to ensure successful project completion. Founded in 2001, the company has been providing sound strategic consultancy and successful implementations to clients for more than a decade, including new system development and existing system enhancements. Over the last few years, the company has been out in front in building competencies in the Big Data arena. This has made it possible for Caserta Concepts to offer analytical and Big Data solutions using Cloudera’s Hadoop Platform, MapRHadoop, Hortonworks Hadoop and NoSQL databases to clients across different vertical markets that range from finance and eCommerce, to healthcare and higher education.
Their illustrious clientele include Dominos Pizza, Bank of America, Coty, Liberty Mutual, Swiss Re and New York University.

Caserta uses the business requirements collected during “model storming” sessions with its clients and applies proven agile techniques to implement the right solution to support effective business analysis. These model storming sessions are used to turn initial business processes and requirements into solutions with unprecedented immediate results.

Caserta uses a precise information management strategy and roadmap to ensure that data is consistent, complete and contextual. Their team of experts provides business driven solutions that transform and integrate corporate and noncorporate data into well-designed business intelligence and data analytics systems, providing decision-makers with the ultimate competitive advantage. Caserta also helps businesses to discover customer patterns, predict product activity, and forecast business operations. Using data mining, Caserta helps clients to target their marketing initiatives more effectively, better understand the results of sales campaigns and more effectively make important strategic business decisions. More specifically, Caserta helps their clients’ design and implement full-featured business analytics platforms that include machine learning, Big Data, data warehousing, ETL/ELT, business intelligence, master data management, and mobile device BI.

What’s next for Caserta? In the words of Joe Caserta, “Our success has been built on truly partnering with our clients. We will continue to grow in our focus industries by leveraging new and emerging technologies to develop and implement creative and tailored data solutions that improve the businesses we work with.”

Caserta Concepts

New York City, NY

Joe Caserta, Founder & CEO

A consulting and technology services firm that specializes in Big Data analytics, data warehousing and business intelligence