Casewise: Generating Business Insights and Visibility

Alexandre Wentzo, CEO
Along with the radical development in Enterprise Architecture (EA) ecosystem, architects today lack decision making strategies to drive business and IT transformation. Moreover, enterprises are looking for advanced EA solutions to improve enterprise performance and plan, execute, and monitor business strategies. Simplifying decision making complexities, Casewise, a London-based firm provides EA software solutions and services to offer structure, templates and guidance and help clients create accurate, valuable enterprise architecture models. The firm combines the principles of the Zachman framework with the repository of the Casewise Suite to create a focused and efficient EA. “Our main mission is to enable companies to have a comprehensive understanding of their processes and information systems,” elucidates Alexandre Wentzo, CEO, Casewise.

The Casewise Suite offers clients with the integrated, adaptable, and flexible framework required to obtain desired business outcomes. The suite comprises of a set of tools and Casewise Modeler which provide insight, visibility, and a better understanding of the reality of the business. It helps clients to seamlessly capture documents and architect their organization, visualize the system interactions, business processes and organizational hierarchies needed to add value to their enterprises. Casewise Modeler is easily configurable and customizable, and its graphical business representation accelerates the decision-making process of the customers. Modeler’s capacity of providing detailed, multi-dimensional, and accurate view along with its collaborative modeling process encourages stakeholders to contribute and learn from the informative, easy-to-use models that represent a true picture of the business. Casewise Modeler also links business modeling and IT modeling within one multi-user environment. Modeler is the engine that supports business process analysis and improvement, business process management, enterprise architecture, and governance, risk and compliance efforts. Its clear documentation gives consultants, analysts, and IT professionals the insight they need to make informed and productive decisions for the business.

The firm’s team of experienced EA consultants helps clients to match the right technology and innovation to their business challenges regardless of the industry or size of the organization.

Our main mission is to enable companies to have a comprehensive understanding of their processes and information systems

Besides, Casewise consultants support and facilitate team success through expertise in strategic analysis, process modeling/re- engineering, information architecture, merger and acquisition transformation, governance, risk and compliance management, and solution architecture.

In an instance, Casewise assisted Nationwide, one of the largest UK mortgage lender and savings provider to improve their understanding of business process and form business processing standards. By adopting Casewise Modeler, Nationwide was able to make informed business decisions and insights. Casewise Modeler was used to standardize process mapping conventions and capture all process related information in one place. Information on over 400 high level operational processes can now be made available to a wide audience through Corporate Publisher.

Additionally, Casewise Modeler’s simulation modeling capability helps to validate and demonstrate new business designs in a way that engages project sponsors, builds a business case, and improves change management. All this was supported by the development of in-house training and the introduction of a model management governance structure. The client was able to capture a rich source of process knowledge to support new business designs, systems development, and process improvement initiatives.

Casewise has recently launched Casewise Tactac, an operational business process platform designed for mobile workers. Moving ahead, the company will enhance its solutions and aim at making EA a collaborative social and mobile process.


London, UK

Alexandre Wentzo, CEO

Offers EA solution to structure, create templates and guide clients to create accurate, valuable enterprise architecture models