CaseWorthy: Helping Health and Human Service Organizations with Their Most Precious Resource-Time

Brian Bingel, CEO Health and Human Service (HHS) organizations often spend countless hours to unify funding data for compliance reporting or to provide supporting documentation for a grant. Collecting data from disparate systems and compiling it into one view while adhering to compliance requirements, further complicates the process, where time is a most precious asset. To solve these challenges CaseWorthy (formerly Empowered Solution Group—ESG) a Utah-based company offers their flagship product CaseWorthy (formerly Empowered Case Management - ECM). It includes a configurable apBuilder development framework, robust HHS applications and Enterprise-Wide compliance reporting solutions that deliver operational efficiency by saving time, ensuring compliance, and allowing organizations to quantify and broadcast their social impact.

The CaseWorthy architecture resides on a foundation consisting of the industryleading Microsoft.NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server relational database. This foundation is designed to handle millions of rows of data with instant response. It segregates the data down to the day, gender, and zip code and makes it available at the user’s fingertips using Microsoft Excel. “We chose this option since most clients have Excel and are relatively familiar with the capabilities.
This tool will open a wealth of data reporting to you that was once considered impractical or unavailable,” says Brian Bingel, CEO, CaseWorthy.

While complex technologies work in the backend, CaseWorthy offers a lucid, browserlike user interface built using the latest AJAX technologies—the same technologies used in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. In addition to its Enterprise-wide HHS solutions, CaseWorthy delivers the powerful, non-programmer development framework, apBuilders. The apBuilders help organizations configure the entire desktop, including menus, forms, workflows, business logic and related functionality. The users can drag and drop the menus to the desired configuration and organize forms and workflows in the preferred way that works best. “This approach provides a wide variety of configurations to specifically meet the needs of programs or organizations without having to constantly navigate around unwanted features,” says Paparao Gummadapu, VP of Enterprise Architecture and Development, CaseWorthy.

We provide the right balance and training to assure your organization receives 100 percent from your CaseWorthy experience

CaseWorthy serves the HHS vertical across government and nonprofit organizations including Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), Community Alternatives Program (CAP), Goodwill, HIV/AIDS, Catholic Charities, and more.
“Our philosophy is that no two agencies work the same way. Even programs within an agency often have diverse program intakes and eligibility, service models and reporting requirements. The apBuilders in partnership with our Professional Services team provide configurable solutions to match them, and it is what sets us apart from rest in this field,” says Bingel.

The Tennessee Valley Coalition to End Homelessness (TVCEH), was very concerned about their HMIS solution. Data inconsistencies were showing up from most partner agencies. For an HMIS solution focused on compliance, the existing solution didn’t provide confidence at a time when the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was becoming more involved in overseeing the data being submitted. Additionally, TVCEH wanted to offer more functionality to their partner agencies beyond compliance. The need to manage all aspects of homelessness including agency and case management was becoming part of the everyday software requirement. By selecting CaseWorthy and working closely with them, TVCEH was able to not only continue HUD compliance, but also to accomplish greater intra-agency efficiencies and inter-agency collaborations.

As the developer of the CaseWorthy application, going forward we want to support and enable HHS organizations to realize their missions of creating stronger and healthier people, families, and communities. The company is also working on a Social Service Information Exchange product for a better exchange of social data between communities of doctors, homeless shelters and other social organizations.


Salt Lake City, UT

Brian Bingel, CEO and Paparao Gummadapu, VP of Enterprise Architecture and Development Scott Argeris, President and VP of Sales and Marketing

CaseWorthy is a provider of Social Services Technology that includes software expertise, and turnkey implementation services for Health and Human Service organizations