Casino Cash Trac: Robust Casino Audit Solution for the Gaming Industry

Blake Doerr, CTO
For any casino, the basic requirements are to store and manage its large databases. But often casinos are bombarded with data integration concerns. Typically, the information is spread across a slew of systems that use variety of technologies and database platforms, dramatically reducing the value of the data. Because of a market need, four experts—Kurt Williams, Drew Word, Blake Doerr, and Wanor Franca— sparked the idea of Casino Cash Trac (CCT) offering a set of tools to manage the niche casino operations. “Our product captures financial transactions in the cage and vault, automates the transactions for revenue audit, and then merges data from the systems throughout the enterprise into a best-of-breed analytics tool,” says Blake Doerr, CTO for CCT.

Casino Cash Trac (CCT) created the award winning software application— Casino Insight in the Oklahoma market and has now expanded its client base to more than 70 casinos in the U.S. “Casino Insight is a suite of tools that manages the entire casino accounting operations as well as providing business intelligence (BI) and campaign management,” explains Doerr. Casino Insight takes the information all the way through accounting and combines the information with other systems. “We believe we have the only Casino Audit System (CAS) in the market,” adds Doerr. CCT is committed to providing state of the art support and software to fulfill the customer’s needs. “We never want a customer to complain that they are stuck in a contract with CCT therefore we offer a very flexible pricing structure and to date not a single customer of our CAS system has been lost,” states Doerr.

With Casino Insight, customers can save paper and storage cost as it allows all documents in the cage/vault/ revenue audit to be digitally signed. “It also allows designing marketing campaigns, performing what-if analysis on those campaigns, and sending the designed campaign directly to a mail service provider,” elaborates Doerr.

The analytics tool then performs a post-forma analysis to visualize the response rate in a myriad of ways, including a ZIP code heat map.

Our product captures financial transactions in the cage and vault, automates the flow of all those transactions for revenue audit, then merges data into a best-of-breed analytics tool

In 2014, CCT signed its biggest gaming tribe with over 4000 machines, thus proving its ability to handle large casinos.

However, one of CCT’s dramatic successes came from a small casino in Western Oklahoma; which was struggling with the labor reduction issue. “They started the application implementation with 11 revenue auditors on staff and they often took 15 days into the next month to complete their month-end audit close. Post the software installation, they just had three revenue auditors on staff, and finished their month-end close on the first day of the next month,” narrates Doerr.

Interestingly, the key differentiator for Casino Cash Trac’s CAS solution is being the pioneer in integrating data from cage to vault all the way to revenue audit. “But we also continue to enhance our software and recently we added a Tips module that is now becoming critical as Tips is such a hard process to manage in the casino industry,” claims Doerr.

Moving forward, for CCT the next big step is to expand its clientele list in the right direction. “One of the key aspects of our organization is our ability to provide 24/7 customer service. Most of our counterparts lose their ability to provide great support as they become bigger,” says Doerr. The company is also looking forward to expand their footprints outside US. “We will have our first Caribbean client in 2016; with that we will focus more into South America and Europe and perhaps into Asia Pacific where we know that market is huge,” concludes Doerr.

Casino Cash Trac

Tulsa, OK

Blake Doerr, CTO

A suite of tools to manage the entire accounting operations as well as providing business intelligence and campaign management