Caspida: Automated Threat Discovery to Defend Security

Muddu Sudhakar, CEO
As the world is becoming closely interconnected through internet enabled devices, the demand for enhanced cyber security is on the rise. Often, consumers are at the losing end when a breach occurs in an enterprise, as their personal information is compromised. Companies often fail to follow the industry’s best practices around early breach detection, proactive threat detection and implementation of proper prescriptive solutions. “The security industry is trying to figure out how to avoid these multiple data breaches in the enterprises,” says Muddu Sudhakar, CEO of Caspida. The challenge is to find hidden, malicious malware and APTs (Advanced Persistent Threat) on the network.

Enter Caspida – located in Palo Alto, CA, the company offers a real-time cyber-security and threat detection software. Caspida provides an end-to-end coverage for unknown and hidden threats that has already penetrated the enterprise. “Caspida is a pioneer in the industry to provide coverage for unfamiliar threats that have already penetrated the enterprise, without rules, signatures, sand-boxing or human analysis,” states Sudhakar. The company provides absolute security for the mobile, and cloud components to detect both external cyber attacks and insider threats.

“Most breaches have been due to security products and configurations that were, in retrospect, outdated and insecure, but companies have no real incentive to spend time and money upfront to eliminate these risks,” asserts Sudhakar. What is needed is a cyber-security solution that eliminates both the existing and new unknown threats.

Caspida, the product of the company, connects with the existing tools to find hidden threats and build behavior models with all the key entities like devices, applications and sensitive data. The product uses advanced machine learning, novel statistical analysis and undetected correlations across key data methods to find the threats in the network. Caspida’s patent-pending behavioral threat detection and cyber-threat kill chain technology eliminates existing threats in the enterprise network.
“Our security platform is built on deep machine learning algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology over Hadoop-based Big Data architecture,” says Sudhakar. “The industry needs three strikes law or regulations in Cyber security front. This is the best way to protect consumers and users from large companies that are not doing everything to protect consumer information,” adds Sudhakar. “This sort of approach provides an incentive to protect consumer data from enterprises that are not implementing security best practices to protect consumer information.” Caspida promises to protect against threats inside and outside the enterprise using technology approaches that empower security staff so that they can protect the data from the existing threats.

“We are data science-led, automated, and focused on identifying the entire threat kill-chain to provide actionable information. Caspida is unique in supporting a variety of deployment scenarios including dedicated and shared Hadoop clusters as well as working on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) data”, says Sudhakar. Rather than creating alerts, Caspida focuses on accommodating different enterprise deployment models and providing complete information about the breaches so that the security analysts can investigate and resolve the threat immediately.

We tackle the hardest of challenges such as hidden threat detection, no matter how devious the attacker or how sophisticated the attack pattern

"Our product tackles the hardest of challenges such as hidden threat detection, irrespective of the malicious intent of the attacker or sophisticated nature of the attack pattern," Sudhakar concludes. The company is in the next level of cyber defense, which will provide early breach detection proactively and in real time, while operating continuously 24/7.


Palo Alto, CA

Muddu Sudhakar, CEO

Provides end-to-end coverage for hidden threats that has already penetrated the enterprise, without rules, signatures or human analysis.