Cass Information Systems [NASDAQ:CASS]: Simple Direct-To-Carrier Payments Promote IT Governance of BYOD

Josh Bouk, VP, Sales & Marketing
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is only expected to grow as businesses are progressively becoming mobile first in how they communicate, access applications and consume data. The trend towards employee-owned devices has its fair share of challenges, as employers are apprehensive about the security of the corporate data, while they also welcome BYOD as an effective alternative to buying and maintaining a variety of devices. Employees, on the other hand, are concerned about the privacy of their personal data and the cost incurred for work expenses. The pioneering solution of Cass Information Systems is focused on simplifying the task of IT teams by streamlining the management of BYOD devices for enterprises and individuals. The patented direct-to-carrier payments solution from Cass provides reimbursements to the employees as a positive motivation for registering their devices with their employer’s BYOD ecosystem—thereby enabling efficient and secure management of these devices.

The innovative Cass Direct2Carrier payment registers employees with the employer’s program. Typically employers will offer an array of reimbursement levels that correspond to the employee’s level of business usage. The Cass Direct2Carrier solution facilitates monthly payments to the employee’s wireless carrier account. Employees can use the carrier of their choice just about anywhere around the world without any intrusion of the personal data in that device. Every month, the employee’s wireless bill will include a credit that records the amount the employer has provided to offset the employee’s cost. This payment method has helped IT organizations eliminate BYOD reimbursement through expense reports and payroll stipends.

Cass’s additional forte includes the management of telecom devices owned by enterprises–which allows the enterprise to aggregate the costs for mobility into one authoritative record– Cass ExpenseSmart, a cloud service that can feed other enterprise applications. An important feature of the Cass BYOD solution ensures IT governance with corporate security standards. Via Cass’s integrations with first-class mobile device management (MDM) systems such as VMware Airwatch, MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, IBM Maas360, and others, the Cass solution is able to suspend BYOD stipend payments when employees are not in compliance with standards, such as not maintaining the MDM client.

Cass’s solution is meant to help IT organizations protect the shared data confidentiality on their employee’s devices while reducing the cost without the burden of an added platform

“Cass’s solution is meant to help IT organizations protect the shared data confidentiality on their employee’s devices while reducing the cost without the burden of an added platform,” elucidates Josh Bouk, VP, Sales and Marketing, Cass Information Systems.

In one example, a national insurance company with more than 10,000 employees was in the habit of purchasing and upgrading various gadgets like digital cameras, Blackberry devices, and scanners. Claims adjusters working in the field needed these numerous gadgets to generate reports, but they were a hindrance to carry. By implementing a BYOD program powered by Cass, the company helped their employees shed their litany of devices while opting to bring their own Android or iOS device to replace those devices at a fraction of the cost. This strategy not only helped the client eliminate the array of gadgets, but it also decreased costs, improved employee relations and improved their customer experience.

Bouk takes pride in how Cass, as a publicly traded company, boasts a 99.7 percent of customer satisfaction and retention rate due to their team’s focus on customer requirements. Cass takes the long view of the solutions it provides to customers and is investing resources to continuously enhance its solutions and extend its global footprint. Bouk is enthusiastic about the future: “Our 100+ years of company history, global experience, commitment to customer success and stability as a US Federal Reserve-member financial institution delivers tremendous value and peace of mind to our enterprise customers,” sums up Bouk.

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Josh Bouk, VP, Sales & Marketing

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