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Ed Walsh, CEO
It is no secret that data is the new currency of business, but its ‘unabated’ growth is not helping the CIOs. “What is generally agreed to but not understood widely is the fact that most of the data growth is ‘copy data’,” affirms Ed Walsh, CEO, Catalogic Software. Primary data is growing linearly, but copies of those are growing geometrically, which according to a study published by IDC, is costing businesses $44 billion a year. The study also revealed that, in 2012, nearly 85 percent of storage hardware revenue is just to house these redundant copies of data and its only growing. By providing tools that give IT visibility, insight, and control, Catalogic Software is breaking this chain and making the jobs of CIOs much easier.

Catalogic Software allows companies to “See, Fix, and Avoid the Mess.” “Our Copy Data Management software leverages existing NetApp storage and provides visibility, insight, and control of data copies across their enterprises. Customers can download our software in a matter of minutes, deploy it agentlessly in their NetApp environment and gain visibility,” notes Walsh. Catalogic’s ECX software creates a catalog of your data providing companies with the visibility that enables them to gain insight into how they are using copies of their data and how to improve their operations.

Catalogic’s Copy Data Management platform (ECX) perfectly complements VMware and NetApp’s ONTAP storage platform (OnTap, Cluster OnTAP and Cloud OnTAP). NetApp provides the industry’s most efficient snapshot, SnapMirror and SnapVault technology, while ECX allows clients to leverage this capability natively to automate key use cases. In addition, Catalogic’s tools require no change to a NetApp environment. “We provide the NetApp users with a single interface that has simple ‘drag and drop’ workflow capability,” says Walsh. This simple but powerful platform allows clients to deploy complicated environments within minutes. These workflows are easily tested and audited, which is simply not possible with today’s manual and script based storage management.
The company’s unique Closed-loop Automated Workflow (CLAW) gives clients a powerful tool to leverage their data copies for multiple use cases like: Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Test/Development or DevOps, and Business Analytics. “We affectionately call it ‘CLAW’ because it enables clients to ‘claw’ back operational savings and efficiencies,” explains Walsh. CLAW builds on the company’s ‘catalog’ of environments and allows simple drag and drop programming of detailed workflows. “It is called ‘Closed-loop’ because it manages the full lifecycle of Copy Data Management, including deployment, visibility, testing and audit of workflows,” says Walsh.

As per a recent study, Catalogic’s clients have saved 36 percent of costs on an average sized environment compared to what existed before deploying Catalogic’s solutions. As per the recent analysis by Wikibon, it is stated that, “The potential benefits for storage catalog software to be very large.” “The greater the number of filers, the greater the potential benefit. At 20 filers, the total cost benefits already exceeds the hardware and maintenance costs of the filers. In addition to these are less tangible but strategically vital benefits of improved provenance, improved audit ability and much improved ability to demonstrate compliance.”

Businesses today must be able to leverage their data copies to deliver operational efficiencies, while simultaneously delivering greater business agility. The next great leap in Data Management will be Copy Data Management.

Catalogic’s ECX Software is the leading software only copy data management platform that helps clients better leverage their copies of data for a number of use cases including recovery, disaster recovery, test/dev or DevOps, archive and analytics. “Enterprises have plenty of data copies. What they need is tools to see and leverage what they have. Copy data management is the next data management trend,” says Walsh.

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AI Reading Tutor Recognized For Combating The COVID Slide

SAN FRANCISCO -- Amira, AI powered software for helping students become better readers, has received four new awards for effectiveness and innovation. These awards include:

• Best Use of Emerging Technology in Education (2020 Codie Finalist);

• Best Online Tutor (Edtech Breakthrough Award);

• Award of Excellence from Educators (Tech & Learning Magazine);

• Top Education Startup (Finalist in the XTC Global Challenge).

Right now, schools are looking for new ways to deliver remote learning and to help students catch up and recover from the Covid slide. Amira's ability to help students accelerate reading mastery has resulted in significant recognition from independent evaluators as an important innovation.

During the 2019-20 school year, Amira's effectiveness was demonstrated in leading Districts across the country. As the school year concludes, Amira has received widespread recognition for effectiveness, including:

1. Amira has received the 2020 Award Of Excellence from Tech & Learning.

2. Amira is a Codie nominee for Best Use of Emerging Technology for Learning in Education. Codie's are the Academy Awards of the software world, and Amira's designation as a Codie Finalist validates the excellence of the application.

3. Amira is the winner for Best Online Tutor in the 2020 Edtech Breakthrough Awards.

and, finally,

4. Amira is a 2020 Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Finalist. XTC is the world's largest startup competition focused on global challenges. Leading investors evaluated more than 2400 startups in 87 countries, selecting Amira as one of 4 finalists in the Education category.

"Amira is gaining increased recognition as the software helps thousands of students keep growing even when working at home," said Mark Angel, CEO of Amira Learning. "Amira is the perfect online solution for Reading Tutoring and is proven to mitigate the COVID gap."

Amira enables students to read appropriately challenging stories out loud, providing interactive tutoring as they stall, stumble and mispronounce. As the student reads, Amira uses AI to understand what's tripping up the young reader, and then delivers micro-interventions that best build the gapped reading skills. Amira is the product of more than 20 years of research and development, utilizing innovation created at and licensed from Carnegie Mellon's AI Lab and the University of Texas Health System. In peer-reviewed, independent research conducted by leading universities around the world, Amira has generated amazing growth in reading ability, equivalent to giving a student a certified human tutor.

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Provides solutions for instant visibility of copy data or files in an environment and provides instant data access for Recovery, Disaster recovery, Tes/Dev, DevOps and Business Analytics.