Catapult Systems: Defining Organizations’ Cloud Enablement Journey

David Fuess, CEO
The cloud has become one of the biggest game changers and equalizers in today’s competitive environment. Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, is providing enterprises the ability to quickly build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud through its global network of secure, Microsoft-managed data centers. However, most enterprises face the critical decision of choosing the right partner with technical competency and a user-centric approach that can successfully migrate applications to the cloud. As one of Microsoft’s leading partners for office 365 and Azure consumption nationwide, Catapult Systems is well-positioned to help enterprises navigate the cloud, while managing and supporting their business critical applications. The company brings years of experience helping clients with their private cloud, while securely integrating web based offerings into corporate IT service portfolios. “Our structured methodology, CloudScape, provides organizations with the precise insight they need throughout every phase of their modern data center journey,” begins David Fuess, CEO of Catapult Systems. As a Microsoft National Solutions Provider (NSP), the company’s established cloud consulting services framework helps organizations to clearly define a Microsoft cloud strategy by identifying the applications or workloads that are best suited for the cloud. “We also map our clients’ current business objectives and develop a roadmap outlining the ways for getting the most out of their cloud investment using our Firm Foundations offering,” says Fuess.

Catapult’s consultants help clients chose the best hybrid cloud deployment option while greatly reducing large overhead costs associated with server hardware, network maintenance and data storage. The company also leverages Azure to help clients with Disaster Recovery planning and backup services, as well as redefine the DevOps model for large organizations, providing flexibility for their software development and testing processes. Moreover, Catapult’s CloudScape methodology provides a framework to support an organization’s cloud vision, reducing complexity, while supplying ongoing support and optimization.

Our structured methodology, CloudScape, provides organizations with the precise insight they need throughout every phase of their modern data centre journey.

In addition, the company’s new Solution as a Service model leverages the cloud to provide customers with a new way to purchase IT services. Their first offering, Fuse, is a fully-hosted, developed and supported Intranet as a Service solution built on Office 365 and managed entirely by Catapult Systems. “Our platform can be implemented much faster than a traditional intranet solution,” says Fuess. The company’s support team constantly monitors and makes improvements, leading to cost-effective and revolutionary business developments for customers. “We empower organizations with Catapult Managed Services to reduce the ongoing administrative burden and cost of IT maintenance, delivering resolution for client’s support requirements across all Microsoft technologies,” adds Fuess.

In one such instance, 240Tutoring, an online resource that helps teachers prepare for their certification exams, needed an affordable enterprise-class set of servers and solution that could scale quickly and cost-effectively as the organization grew. The organization wanted to expand to provide similar services to teachers across the U.S. 240Tutoring approached Catapult to design, develop and deploy a unique website using Azure with a 99.95 percent monthly SLA. The solution enabled 240Tutoring to expand their offerings to customers nationally within nine months of the initial launch. Being a well-established Microsoft partner, Catapult Systems has accomplished thirteen gold and four silver competencies. Boasting an unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise, the company plans to offer new cloud-based services and solutions to meet customer needs. “We aim to evolve with the industry and expand our reach globally to serve multifaceted customers worldwide,” concludes Fuess.


Austin, TX

David Fuess, CEO

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