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CIO VendorMark Floersch, CEO and Founder
‘Lead by Knowing’ are the words that one will see glowing when in the office of Catch Intelligence, a business and technology firm focused on empowering clients with the tools, resources and insights necessary to identify, catch and utilize valuable data. Headquartered in Omaha, NE, Catch Intelligence justifies its name by helping customers grasp the right data, turn it into information and deliver it to the right people with the help of its SAP offerings that includes Business Intelligence Systems, Business Performance Optimization Systems and tailored applications.

Previously known as People Services Center, Catch Intelligence has been delivering SAP BusinessObjects solutions for more than a decade now. It has implemented over 400 Enterprise Business Intelligence systems and supports hundreds of thousands of users. The company’s BI/Data Warehouse lifecycle methodology is a hybrid approach that integrates the most relevant or proven structure of agile and traditional development methodologies such as planning, initiation and analysis/design phases. The end result is to deliver a flexible and streamlined process that gives complicated Data Warehouse projects the structure and discipline required to ensure success.

We focus on 6 dimensions of BI projects—people, process, practices, technology, data architecture, and data governance

The solutions offered by Catch Intelligence stand unique as it is functional across industries and horizontal groups within an

Helping to distinguish it from the crowd is the CEO and Founder, Mark Floersch’s more than 2 decades of expertise in the BI space and his experienced team that focuses on creating accelerators that ensures BI project success.

Revealing the secret behind the company’s 100 percent growth every 4-5 years, Floersch says, “Most of the time when people look at BI projects, they focus only on the technology they are going to use. On the contrary, we focus on 6 dimensions that include people, process, practices, technology, data architecture, and data governance. Most customers believe that technology is the silver bullet or the easy button, while the reality is—it only represents 15 percent of the solution.” To help organizations streamline and operate more efficiently, Catch Intelligence offers reusable tools and templates to accelerate the setup of systems, which saves a remarkable amount of time especially when a customer is starting from ground zero. One of the reusable tools Catch Intelligence leverages is the creation of a BI Strategic plan. The company has created over 200 BI strategic plans, giving them the experience needed to take a tedious six to twelve month process and condense it into a one or two month engagement. During this time, Catch focuses on the six core pillars that lead to BI success. The outcome is a roadmap that outlines the BI Business and Technical strategy, a blue print for the six core pillars, a project plan and a resource plan to make it all happen.

Focusing on mid-market to upper mid-market companies, Catch Intelligence has spread its services across Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, and Government. “Of all the industries, Healthcare is probably the biggest areas that is going through lot of change and presents myriad opportunities for us. As far as geographical expansions are concerned, we are expanding into Seattle and doing work in both Texas and Georgia as we aim to expand in those markets as well. We will continue to achieve the growth that we are currently enjoying by helping our customers lead their organization or their industries with knowledge. Our promise is to deliver World Class BI Systems that provide the greatest value to our clients and their customers,” says Floersch.

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Mark Floersch, CEO and Founder

Focused on empowering clients with the tools, resources and insights necessary to identify, catch and utilize valuable data