CaterTrax: Leveraging the Right Technology to Deliver the Ultimate Hospitality Experience

Since its launch, thousands of organizations have implemented CaterTrax, a web-based catering management solution. Many technology trends have come and gone since the inception of the company based on the family run catering business in Rochester, NY. One constant remains, the need for technology to streamline operations as a way of improving the customer experience at a catered event.

The foodservice industry continues to evolve; the demand for large amounts of accurate data continues to skyrocket. “Providing centralized, readily available data that is accurate and can drive smart business decisions at all levels within a food service enterprise, has been key to our strategy,” says Rich Rund, co-founder and CEO of CaterTrax.

aterTrax has grown to support thousands of clients and menu items ordered by their customers on a daily basis. Collecting all the data resulting from this continuous stream of activity allows CaterTrax clients a clear view of emerging trends and overall performance, which enables smart and impactful business decisions.

Our edge stems from our ability to harness our experience into smart and applicable innovation

Enforcing enterprise-wide operational standards, while allowing for flexibility and providing a customer centric online buying experience is a continuous challenge that CaterTrax solves for every day. Rich points out, “No two foodservice operations are alike. And the agility to effectively support the unique needs of our strategic partners, clients and the customers they serve is crucial. As we continue to evolve our platform, we are targeting ways we can create modular independencies that will result in an even higher level of customization and interoperable capabilities.
Rich Rund Co-Founder & CEO
Ultimately, this will enable us to more effectively drive the business of our catering clients, while opening the door to drive innovation into other lines of food service.”

Foodservice providers who can effectively offer options and meet the ever-changing demands of their customers will be successful. “Providing the right technology that enables our clients to maintain a position of prominence with the customers they serve is our responsibility,” says Rich. A significant focus for CaterTrax in the coming year will be launching tools that enable their clients to reach their customers in a whole new way. Rich elaborates, “Consumer’s buying habits have evolved since the inception of the company and they want all possible options at their fingertips, regardless of what device they are using, or even whose site they are on for that matter.” CaterTrax will be empowering their clients with solutions that enable collaborative web based environments that are pure extensions of their existing systems. “This will enable our clients to bring an entirely new value and options to their customers, while positioning them to compete with established marketplace aggregators like GrubHub and Seamless.”

Another constant in the company’s history is the product and now company name ‘CaterTrax’. The name reflects the company’s focus on leveraging SaaS technology for national contract foodservice enterprises that offer catering. The company boasts thousands of satisfied clients in the Higher Education, Business and Healthcare industries that use the TRAX Platform to run multi-location foodservice businesses. Their suite of solutions is highly configurable and designed to support multiple lines of business, providing a seamless experience for their clients’ customers. The company is proud of its hospitality inspired service provided by more than 75 employees supporting clients across the country. Catering is the company’s most widely used solution, but they also offer: Take-Out, Floor Stock and Web Starter solutions.


Rochester, NY

Rich Rund Co-Founder & CEO

Selecting the right emerging technologies to create the best customer experience for a non-commercial foodservice business.