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Darrin Gonchar, President
On the southern bank of the Raritan River, not far from Manhattan, stands Darrin Gonchar’s brainchild—CATS Technology Solutions Group. Spread across 3000 sq. feet, CATS Technology provides Small & Medium sized companies with sophisticated IT infrastructure services, IT professional services, and virtualization consultants at an affordable rate. Apart from catering to a myriad of sectors such as Healthcare, Financial, Logistics, Retail, Insurance, Automotive, and Non Profit Organizations, CATS team also takes great interest in serving social communities. "In that effort we provided a Non-Profit Organization – Jar Of Hope, with brand new Desktops, setup a Server environment, and provided them with Dual Screen Monitors at no cost to help them increase their productivity of reaching the ultimate goal of finding a cure for the illness- Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy."

Effectively protecting businesses by identifying an organization’s IT strengths and weaknesses can be a challenge, and getting it right is both a craftsmanship and a science. Over the past decade, it is this craftsmanship and science that Gonchar, President of CATS Technology, has worked hard at perfecting. The end result: “Our clients are so satisfied with our work that they have signed multiple deals with us,” says Gonchar.

Gonchar is always ready to do things differently, even in challenging circumstances. He has built a strong relationship with both clients and lenders, thanks to his eye for spotting trends early. “What started as a consulting firm in my basement, with me as the sole employee of the company, has now transformed into a bustling high tech office, with an employee strength of over 100 people,” states Gonchar. Further explaining on CATS Technology’s success, Gonchar says, “The team’s unconditional support, team work, and clientele have been instrumental in the company’s growth.”

CATS Technology provides a comprehensive package of IT professional services, including computer networking, website design, desktop and server maintenance, voice and data services, HIPAA remediation services and much more. “Whether a company wants us to work as their IT department or simply support their current staff, we offer the agility clients need to succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace. We help our clients boost productivity while saving money,” states Gonchar. The company’s full-service approach is based on its extensive IT service portfolio. “We work with everything that touches our client’s network, including the firewall, routers, website, data and software,” he adds.

The CATS Difference

In today’s constantly changing technology market, many companies who have a low-end or mid-end IT employees end up hiring external companies to perform the higher-level work that is needed. However, CATS Technology provides an entire team of IT experts, along with the options of packages with a set monthly fee. “Our staff has over 75 years of experience, diversified skills, and certifications that are essential to increasing a company’s efficiencies. This allows us to serve as a single source for all IT needs with affordable cost and increased resources,” states Gonchar. CATS Technology’s professionally trained and certified IT experts respond to individual client’s needs and requirements, as well as provide technology solutions while maintaining a steadfast focus on new technologies.

Dubbed as the technical term “Computer Assisted Technology Solutions,” and also coined around the conception of integrating the initials of Gonchar's four daughters' first names (Caitlin, Amanda, Taylor, and Samantha) CATS’ IT Consultants vanguards its clients to protect their businesses by identifying their IT strengths and weaknesses—like the way, a helping hand is forwarded in dire times within a family. “At CATS, each group is comprised of three experts.

We work with everything that touches our client's network including the firewall, routers, website, data and software

Their abilities extend from an entry level tech to a group pioneer, both with balanced technological knowledge. The senior specialists are always preparing the passage level experts, eventually helping them to develop inside the organization,” says Gonchar. CATS’ IT consulting service comprises of assessment service, recommendation of suitable solution, planning IT budgets, staff augmentation, training and client social service tracker. “With CATS, clients get a personal Lead Technician, as well as an entire team, who are dedicated to working around the clock to ensure all systems are running at peak performance. Our goal is to solve our client’s IT needs, so they can concentrate on their business’ productivity and profit,” he adds.

In terms of assessment service, CATS offers a thorough examination of their client’s innovation needs by reaching their present marketable strategy and system framework, as well as system administration objectives. CATS’ IT specialists carefully assess the client’s application deployment to telecommunications expenditures, and then provide them with an effective consulting network assessment and support plan. “Our innovation and familiarity with industry patterns gives us the capacity to completely comprehend the different IT and PC needs of both large and small organizations, which further allows us to suggest and give the best business plans, IT arrangements, and marketable strategy for every customer,” states Gonchar.

An example of CATS’ strategy comes from a leading western organization that possesses 20-30 buildings over the United States and Europe. They were facing difficulties in paying their bills amid the monetary misery. Keeping in account their old IT infrastructure, the company needed a holistic IT upgrade. “We offered a chain review economy to help them to stay relevant in the business,” says Gonchar. Taking hold of the situation, CATS Technology offered the client to migrate their data into the Cloud. “This strategic move allowed them to get back on track within a year and continue to evolve into a bigger company. It was a big change, for both them and us,” he adds.

Customer Satisfaction—Key to Success

15 years into establishment, CATS Technology has its wing spread over five diverse locations— New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Canada. Under the leadership of Gonchar, CATS aims to reach new heights by making an even stronger impact in the IT service domain. He further adds, “We are constantly adding new services and clients into our portfolio. Since Cloud is our next big thing, we are adding many new services around that.”

CATS will continue to pursue innovation and serve clients across the country, while constantly striving to exceed expectations through innovative, reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions that seamlessly integrate with client’s business environment. “I would like our clients to look at us as their CIO for the company; while we run their IT systems, they can run their company which will lead them to more growth and profitability,” concludes Gonchar.

CATS Technology Solutions Group

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Darrin Gonchar, President

A single-source IT firm, providing a wide array of business technology solutions

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