Cavirin: Continuous Visibility and Policy-Driven Security for Cloud

JD Sherry, CEO
As a majority of organizations are adopting cloud in the form of hybrid computing, on-premise data centers, and third party hosting/public clouds, their security and compliance responsibilities are increasing at a rapid pace. “We hear in the news every day about yet another organization that has been breached, with its valuable and protected information leaked by hackers from all around the world,” says JD Sherry, CEO, Cavirin. It is due to these reasons the ability to maintain and demonstrate compliance with industry regulations is becoming a top challenge for many organizations on a global scale. Santa Clara, CA headquartered Cavirin believes that organizations need a better, more efficient, and effective way to maintain their compliance framework, which can be demonstrated in an automated fashion. “Our Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP) automates audit compliance, helps organizations avoid hefty fines, and reduces the time and financial burden an audit can bring on their internal staff,” says Sherry. Powered by a unique, agent-less discovery engine, ARAP catalogs and analyzes an organization’s devices-cloud or on-premise, known or unknown.

“ARAP is known for safeguarding the workloads running within customer’s cloud environment–public, private, or hybrid,” says Sherry. ARAP sets the spotlight on outdated and unpatched servers, invalid firewall configurations, while ensuring that all regulatory policies are met by the organization. “In addition, ARAP monitors your accounts continuously, ferrets out changes in your environment-it is the only solution that protects both your cloud workload and associated accounts,” says Sherry. ARAP is available on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) marketplace, and through their partnership with AWS, Cavirin is allowing organizations to embrace Bring Your Own Compliance (BYOC) vehemently.

Other than compliance, cloud adoption has also accelerated the Managed Service Provider (MSP) market which has been growing steadily over the last few years. However, the recent data breaches have heightened caution forcing MSPs to provide bulletproof security for their clients.

ARAP safeguards the workloads running within an organization’s cloud environment public, private, or hybrid

“We enable MSPs to smoothly undertake greater responsibilities for corporate IT without compromising on security,” explains Sherry.

Cavirin also takes a unique approach to automate IT and cloud security for organizations in the healthcare, insurance, legal, finance, retail, and government and transportation verticals. “Compliance is and will continue to be a top priority, whether anyone is processing payment card data and needs to adhere to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards or Patient Health Information (PHI) HIPAA,” foresees Sherry. A customer of Cavirin, Zephyr Health which is a leading healthcare service provider, faced strenuous challenges while dealing with compliance and security aspects in their operations. “We wanted to reduce the overhead of the audit burden and automate the process,” says Kim Green, CISO of Zephyr Health. Cavirin worked together with Zephyr Health to implement ARAP in their cloud environment and deploy the solution quickly as a virtual appliance, enabling the client to scan their environment instantly.

Cavirin’s future strategy is built around perfecting ARAP’s functionality and features. “We are currently working towards launching an AWS Test Drive page which will enable customers to spin up our platform in the matter of minutes,” says Sherry. The company has been successful at growing its customer base rapidly, across all industry verticals and organization sizes, as they work to solve compliance or regulatory challenges and their ever-growing scope and complexity. “We are excited about the momentum we have gained in just less than a year, and the strategic direction of our company,” concludes Sherry.


Santa Clara, CA

JD Sherry, CEO

Providing Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP) to automate audit compliance—helping organizations to avoid hefty fines, and reduces the time and financial burden.