Cavisson Systems: A Unified Performance Intelligence and Monitoring Platform

Anil Kumar
While technology has rendered the BFSI space more seamless and easy for consumers, it has made organizational IT more complicated. Newer customer-centric applications need to be well integrated with the (usually) legacy backend infrastructures/solutions, which can clutter process architecture. This can complicate gaining end-to-end visibility into process flows and makes it hard to identify root causes of problems that arise while systems are running, and predict potential roadblocks while systems are in the pre-production stage. Along with that, BFSI processes churn out large volumes of data, which needs to be analyzed to garner insights for better management and customer relations. To this end, Cavisson Systems brings to the table, a unified performance intelligence and monitoring platform that ties well to monitoring customer experience, generating insights about aspects such as response times, customer touchpoints, and feedback through enhanced Availability capability as it correlates logs, traces, metrics and UX data. It enables companies to pick out the right data at the right time of need, to ultimately attain better governance and serve customers better.

Companies can see how their sites and applications are performing doing, where processes can be improved, and how they can mitigate potential issues. The platform houses a comprehensive application monitoring tool that can closely monitor the network, application, databases, and check for incoming log data. Cavisson’s proprietary big data engine consolidates all the data generated in the platform and uses AI/ML to carry out analysis for predictive and proactive maintenance. Since Cavisson offers a single, all-in-one tool, the number of personnel required to look into and manage the issues reduces significantly, leading to an easier root cause analysis.

Enabling clients to adopt a shift-left approach to application pre-production, Cavisson’s platform contains a load generation tool that simulates real time scenarios/ models where several users simultaneously access a site/application to measure how much traffic it can handle before crashing. The platform can also simulate its client’s production/process environment, thereby reducing significant infrastructure footprint like in production, hence reduces cost, to look into any issue that happened to the company in the past and recreate the situation for root cause analysis. Another capability that Cavisson’s platform has is creating ‘failures’/ ‘chaos’ —situations to intentionally break down the system to observe how it will behave.
The company thereby provides a solution that covers all aspects of a BFSI entity’s business process. As Anil Kumar, Founder & CTO, Cavisson Systems says, “From pre-prod to production monitoring and diagnostics, we have an end-to-end suite (shift left or right across technology stack) and it’s one solution.” The ability to do performance testing and monitor the system as a one solution makes Cavisson solution stand out from the majority of competition.

Anil exemplifies the value proposition of Cavisson’s solution by referring to a customer success instance. The client in question, one of the world’s top 10 leading retail bankers, had trouble identifying the root cause of issues about its business process despite hiring several intelligence solution providers. By emulating the client’s production process and recreating the scenario where the errors occurred, the AI prowess of Cavisson’s solution was able to identify the root cause within a week. Cavisson came up with three possible solutions and applied them in an automated way. The platform thereby improved the client’s performance significantly.

Evidently, where many solution providers develop pointed vertical-focused solutions that address only some aspects of say, a prevalent issue, Cavisson sees the big picture while incorporating newer capabilities into its platform. The organization’s team consists of highly capable individuals with 20-25 years of technical experience and expertise in working with large clients. As Anil says, “If there are any potential issues, we can address that faster than other companies with better efficiency.”

Looking ahead, Cavisson Systems will keep innovating and strengthening its capabilities to serve its clients better and offer them solutions to improve their performance and enhance the end-user experience. The company plans to improve its products and hire talents that share its vision. Cavisson Systems also intends to expand globally and is in the process of forming strategic partnerships with various corporate enterprises. And in the process, the company will continue to improve its solutions and ensure end-to-end visibility of operations for its clients and their end-users.

Cavisson Systems

Santa Clara, CA

Anil Kumar

Cavisson Systems Inc., having its headquarter in Santa Clara, CA (USA), is a leading provider of performance intelligence platform that ensures exceptional customer experience and business efficacy of mission-critical applications. World’s leading brands including retailers, network providers, financial institutions, rely on our product suite for performance, quality, and availability of their enterprise systems and applications. Using Cavisson performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics software enterprises maximize uptime and optimize server response time for seamless transactions and exceptional buying experience by: – Detecting and isolating issues early in the application lifecycle, and – Alerting and diagnosing issues quickly anywhere across the enterprise

Cavisson Systems