CBIG Consulting: Data Science that Impacts Business Outcome

Todd Nash, President
“Today, the volume of structured and unstructured data is accelerating at a blistering pace. Enterprises are demanding advanced and cost-effective solutions to harness the power of data and obtain real-time insights and increase business value,” expresses Todd Nash, President, CBIG Consulting. Founded in 2002, CBIG offers Business Intelligence (BI) and big data analytics consulting solutions that integrate vast amounts of data and transform it into actionable insights. “At CBIG, we believe data science is the next giant leap in the evolution of BI to convert data into information and knowledge.”

“Our talented professionals work gives ‘new life to data assets,’ developing data analytics processes that offer client enterprises a much better perspective of their business,” says Nash. By integrating large volumes of data with advanced analytics, modern computer technology, and domain expertise within specific business sectors, CBIG continues to carve out advanced and more proactive strategies that solve specific challenges and drive client businesses forward. Moreover, with the CBIG Science service offering, the firm provides meaning and added value to the client’s analytics initiatives so that they can predict their future earnings and produce actionable results that “move the business needle.”

According to Nash, “Today, for a growing number of organizations, the major focus is on immediate deployment of data and ‘WAIT’ is a forbidden term.” The CBIG Lean analytics solution comprises of an impressive fleet of fast, scalable, easy-to-deploy toolsets that allow enterprise CIOs to give their business units the freedom to be self-sufficient in managing their own information needs at their own pace. The solution also gives overall control of their data in real time. “It achieves a secure, fully-managed solution that offers its users virtual access to data, dashboards, and advanced analytics at extraordinary scale and speed.”

Nash also shares CBIG’s commitment to bringing meaningful change in the predictive analytics space. “For most of the consulting groups, predictive analytics comprises of a static and structural methodology, which holds a set of historic data points to predict the future outcomes,” says Nash.

At CBIG, we believe data science is the next giant leap in the evolution of business intelligence to convert data into information and knowledge

Unlike the traditional predictive model, CBIG Predictive solution integrates individual data sets and aligns within the context of a larger business puzzle, directly supporting business realities versus proper analytic conventions. This also helps firms to go beyond simple forensics by establishing a more goal-oriented, forward-thinking approach—opening up unique strategy, and exploring new revenue, profit, and cost reduction opportunities that ultimately transforms the business.

CBIG differentiates itself on its singular focus on BI and big data, seeking new technological advancements to help clients better predict the future. The firm has also built a KnowledgeShare program to review and evaluate the latest advancements in both software and hardware technology. “We take an all-hands-on-deck approach to benefit our clients, our professional staff members, and our business as a whole,” says Nash. “Our practice leaders also maintain strong relationships with software solution partners, professional associations, and educators in the field.”

Forging ahead, “We continue to grow our collective knowledge and expertise, gained over the years, to help enterprises increase their value and competitive edge,” states Nash. The firm is currently focusing on rapid-return strategies for business units within larger organizations. “We have more targeted solutions, especially in the competitive intelligence and marketing analytics domains that are low-risk/high-reward propositions that can be quickly deployed to achieve rapid ROIs,” concludes Nash.

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Todd Nash, President

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