CBT: Unique Solutions for Bridging the Gap Between IT and OT

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Rob Schaeffer, President
In today’s highly competitive landscape, enterprises of all sizes are looking for technology solutions that can help advance and transform their business. The goal? To become more efficient by increasing human capital performance, leveraging equipment/machine data while simultaneously reducing costs. CBT, a Californiabased domain expert integrator and technology solution provider, offers both informational technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) solution to organizations to achieve just that—impacting key cross-organizational goals like efficiency at speed, safety, revenue and profit while reducing expenditures.

Bridging the gap between IT and OT, CBT is a recognized integration partner with industry-leading companies on both sides of the equation such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba, Intel, National Instruments, PTC, and many more. “Our partners are a critical cog in our success quotient,” says Rob Schaeffer, President of CBT. “Utilizing our ecosystem, we’re able to leverage the world’s top technologies in IT and OT and integrate them in creative ways to positively impact the entirety of our customers’ business.”

By analyzing the business equations of clients based on almost 20 years’ consultative experience with Fortune 50 companies, CBT finds out how traditional IT, human capital and operational equipment can be leveraged to help organizations drive better outcomes, more efficiently. CBT merges both IT and OT to form a unified technology strategy for companies, to help them become technological leaders in their marketplace. CBT delivers a combination of unique services and solutions in Industrial IoT, HPC and Analytics, Hybrid IT, and IT Supply Chain Optimization, to equip enterprises across the globe with the tools required to stand out from the competition. CBT invests an enormous amount of resources and time to help firms transform from basic on-premise IT to successful information and technology driven organizations.

From an IT perspective, CBT ensures their customers manage IT costs efficiently while gaining the technological advantage and optimizing their in-house IT. “With IT Supply Chain Optimization, we ensure that our clients continually have control, asset cataloging capabilities, appropriate pricing, and full lifecycle visibility through real-time data and dashboards in our B2B Experience portal,” says Schaeffer.
CBT also offers Hybrid IT and HPC solution design and delivery to maximize their customers’ infrastructure and deliver above and beyond customers’ compute, storage and networking requirements. On the OT side, CBT improves clients’ human capital performance by delivering real-time insights and enabling faster, more informed decision making. CBT captures, models and analyzes data from critical devices like manufacturing equipment and utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable capabilities like predictive and proactive maintenance.

Apart from being an IT/OT domain expert integrator, CBT’s team of experts differentiates itself from others by bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to their clients’ goals. Taking a customer-centric and a data-driven approach, CBT adopts lean and agile practices to make recommendations based on the insights from particular use cases and interviews. Leveraging their experience and business acumen, the team helps organizations understand the collaborative nature of the digital transformation journey and utilizes their expansive partner ecosystem to deliver unique solutions. Even in the current scenario of COVID-19, when organizations are facing the challenge of providing the same customer experience with reduced staff and budgets, CBT drives the same level of services with the help of their operational technology solutions such as Connected Worker. This people-driven technology solution empowers employees by providing instant and actionable data in real-time. It allows clients to deploy fewer employees by connecting field personnel with subject matter experts remotely. This reduces the number of resources necessary to manage geographically dispersed teams and makes each employee vastly more efficient and knowledgeable. It also enhances knowledge transfer between team members and improves training procedures. Thus, companies can deliver the same high-quality customer experience while reducing costs.

CBT recognizes the demands placed on businesses as technology continually shifts and evolves. Everything must be faster, more efficient, and higher profit in order to keep up. CBT believes by leveraging IT/OT convergence they can maintain and increase their customers’ competitive advantage. “We will continue to help companies in digital transformation and ensure they collaborate in efficient and cost-effective ways to accelerate the achievement of their goals,” concludes Schaeffer.


Orange, CA

Rob Schaeffer, President

CBT is a premier, award-winning, industry-leading, and woman-owned domain expert integrator breaking the mold of traditional technology solution design. Their digital transformation strategies bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to provide business outcomes beneficial across the entirety of an organization. From the CIO, to the COO, to Digital Transformation Leadership and everyone in between, CBT delivers solutions that unite these unique business cultures for collective success in today’s data-driven economy. CBT takes their tag line to heart: Delivering Technology with a Human Touch. They put people at the center of their process, products and technology solutions. With the focus areas of Industrial IoT, HPC & Analytics, Hybrid IT and IT Supply Chain Optimization, CBT is ready to take their customers‘ innovation initiatives from ideas to execution