CBTS: CIO's Guide to Effective Digital Transformation

Joe Putnick, Chief Innovation Officer
Modernizing applications, platforms, and operations has become imperative for enterprises to establish a foundation that will enable their business to survive and thrive in the digital economy. Having an experienced partner to help develop an application-centric cloud strategy, assess security vulnerabilities, and/or create an interactive experience for customers in the context of strategic goals and technology requirements is a must. CBTS has a proven methodology, track record of success, and long-standing partnerships with tech giants like Microsoft and Cisco to support customers in their digital transformation journey.

Application modernization is front and center for effective transformation that leverages today’s leading cloud solutions. The process of rewriting, rearchitecting, and replatforming legacy and traditional applications into cloud-native modern apps leads to resiliency, scale, and speed to market.

“We help our clients modernize and transform their legacy applications, provide consultancy services for their digital transformation needs, and use a development methodology to securely migrate to the Cloud,” says Joe Putnick, Chief Innovation Officer, CBTS. “Whether clients are in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, state and local governments, or education, the process at CBTS begins with understanding client goals and then creating technical solutions to solve their business requirements across applications, platforms, and operations”.

CBTS is a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, creating solutions and services using Microsoft platforms and tools with their clients for more than 16 years. The CBTS team delivers automated experiences and nimble business applications using Microsoft Power Platform. CBTS cloud migrations solutions employ the five pillars of the Azure Well-Architected Framework , which is built on a security-first mindset. CBTS’ approach is to provide upfront assessments and workshops to roadmap the best path forward for applications and workloads. The company also offers migration to M365 and Managed Services for day one, and ongoing operational support, including secondary offsite data protection with backup and disaster recovery solutions.

One of CBTS’ specialties is the integration of voice to Microsoft Teams. CBTS particularly shines in scenarios where complex solutions are necessary.
For example, clients who need integrations into their existing PBX functions sometimes require third-party integrations with a platform like Cisco Call Manager for site redundancy. Clients rely on CBTS to help them develop their personas and build custom workflows inside the Teams app. CBTS has the expertise to migrate all possible user profiles over to Teams and ensure a common experience aligned to end-user availability and response time requirements.

We are building solutions for our clients that give them the ability to make faster data-based decisions, seamlessly connect their disperse workforce, automating and modernizing their applications, all while enabling IT with right tools. Our partnership with Microsoft and our clients has never looked better

CBTS supports clients in multiple phases of their digital journey. Most enterprise organizations are in some sort of hybrid state with both on-premises and remote cloud, or multi-cloud platforms and applications. Whether migrating on-premises Active Directory to Azure AD, an on-premises Exchange Server to M365, or an on premises application with hardware that is coming off depreciation, the discussion with the client begins with consulting. CBTS understands that a successful modernization strategy must include a personalized mix of interconnected applications, platform, and operations. They are incorporating secure, future-proof, agile technologies to create a cloud-first strategy for clients, ensuring that systems, software, and applications are driving business objectives based on data-driven analytics.

The depth of expertise in application, platform, and operations capabilities made CBTS an obvious selection as a top Microsoft solutions provider. With more than 16 years of experience with Microsoft platforms and tools, CBTS is a formidable partner for your digital transformation journey.


Cincinnati, OH

Joe Putnick, Chief Innovation Officer

CBTS Offers applications, platforms, and operations for cloud, communications, infrastructure, and consulting to enterprises in North America. The CBTS team delivers automated experiences and nimble business applications using Microsoft Power Platform. CBTS cloud migrations solutions employ the five pillars of the Azure Well-Architected Framework, which is built on a security-first mindset.