CCB, Inc: Promoting Integration, Configuration, Deployment and Migration to Cloud

Patrick Booth, President
“The demand for technology that increases productivity and collaboration is expanding rapidly in the workplace. Everyone wants to have tools that enable them to work remotely from various corners of the globe, without any compromise on security and efficiency,” says Patrick Booth, President of CCB Inc., a company that offers full range of affordable Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing Solutions, Licensing, and Hardware.

Headquartered in Racine, WI, CCB specializes in technology planning and administration, virtualization and consolidation, SharePoint collaboration, and Unified Communications, with a keen focus on Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure. CCB’s Office 365 solution integrates web based versions of the Office tools with cloud. This helps the users across enterprises remain in sync with their professional email, web conferencing, and file sharing, enabling mobility in the business to full potential. The robust tools also help enterprises to stay updated with the latest development in the IT market, without any worries of managing the backend requirements.

We are not averse to changing technology landscapes, in-fact we embrace them and that’s why we have been successful for all these years

In the Windows Azure ecosystem, CCB offers solutions on Virtual Machines, Storage Backup and Recovery, Data Management, and Active Directory. “Lots of people still do not know how Windows Azure is going to be utilized. But it has helped in reducing cost and our clients are more effective and strategic on their focus areas as they use Azure.
With it, they can develop web server based platforms, where they can host applications and not worry about cost and maintenance of servers,” says Booth. CCB manages the Virtual Machines on Azure that deliver on-demand, scalable computer infrastructure for the client’s quickly growing business needs. The company also provides various services to configure, monitor, and scale the client’s Azure storage.

“We are not averse to changing technology landscapes, infact, we embrace them, and that’s why we have been successful,” says Booth. Being a Microsoft partner for 23 years, CCB serves about 40,000 customers across the U.S. “Our top priority as an organization is educating our customers on how new technologies can help then serve more people and fulfill their missions,” says Booth. “This leads to long term businessrelationships like our association with numerous clients who have been with the company for over two decades,” he adds. CCB provides its services to any kind of business organization irrespective of big or small size with a keen focus on nonprofit organizations. The company has helped America’s Keswick, an addiction recovery center to migrate their operations into cloud and increase their efficiency. “I have done business with them for years, and when they started into Microsoft BPOS and Office 365, it just seemed like it made the most sense for us at the time. I can off-load basic maintenance still get everything we need,” said Dave Baergen, IT Director of America’s Keswick.

Going forward, seeing the new technologies as a catalyst for business growth, CCB aims to leverage cloud to create more opportunities than ever. The company is completely dedicated to Office 365 and Windows Azure, and it has plans to make further invest in the cloud. “We believe that as technology is moving forward, people want to be mobile and collaborate more effectively than they could in the past. We provide the right tools and resources to be able to do those things,” concludes Booth.


Racine, WI

Patrick Booth, President

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