CData Software: Robust SAP Drivers and Data Access Technologies

Amit Sharma, CEO
As a rapidly growing sector, the IT industry should be poised to extract maximum value from services like SaaS and big data. To do this, companies demand a comprehensive SAP solution to streamline their IT fronts with proper integration. This is where CData Software, a North Carolina-based IT company comes into the picture. They provide data access and connectivity solutions to augment SAP implementations. “We specialize in the development of drivers and data access technologies for real-time access to SAP and other online or on-premise applications, databases, and Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs),” says Amit Sharma, CEO of CData Software. The company’s universally accessible drivers provide database-like data access through established standards like Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Java Database Connectivity, ADO.NET, SQL/MySQL, and Excel.

CData Software aims to simplify the way users connect with data and delivers easy-integration solutions with simple data providers, drivers, and tools. Through powerful data driver technologies, they provide a standards-based interface that treats remote data sources like traditional databases. The approach has helped businesses maximize savings on systems integration and reduce overall complexity.

In addition to an expansive list of data sources, CData Software also provides a straightforward extensibility model for creating all new drivers. Their API Driver solutions provide driver technologies of high caliber for markets that might otherwise be too small or specialized to create and maintain full-fledged drivers. “Our drivers include thousands of hours of development, quality assurance efforts, and marketing resources to bring to market. The API Driver helps us to provide the same powerful driver interface in a fraction of the time,” says Sharma. Of particular interest to SAP customers, SAP Business Objects users can leverage the API Driver ODBC framework to easily connect to data from custom Web APIs, databases, and other applications.

A compelling challenge that CData Software addressed was simplifying a Business Intelligence tool vendor’s channels for accessing data. By using one of the CData ADO.NET Data Providers, the de facto standard for database connectivity for Microsoft .NET, the vendor was able to rapidly integrate their solution with live access to data.
As a result they obtained simplified network for data access in addition to increasing the potential of their existing software investments.

CData Software also has solutions to satisfy Web and mobile app developers. Their ‘Cloud Driver’ applications are essentially OData integration end-points. The Cloud Drivers are web based proxies that work by exposing underlying data through modern Web APIs and protocols like OData, JSON, and Representational State Transfer (REST). “All Cloud Drivers include easy-to-setup security and access management capabilities and by having a single connection point, it is far easier to monitor, manage, and control the access to data,” says Sharma. Its applications include providing access to SAP data through Salesforce Lightning Connect and Microsoft SharePoint integration. These drivers offer exceptional interfacing capabilities when they are accessed through JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). “Web developers can now interact with applications, databases, and service data through the OData entry points with zero client-side requirements beyond standard JavaScript,” says Sharma. Users also get the freedom to connect to live SAP data from mobile apps with the aid of CData Software’s mobile application integration.

We have developed a process that enables us to decouple source specific data access code from the driver technology framework

CData Software’s innovative solutions stem from its decades of experience developing software tools. “We have developed a process that enables us to decouple source-specific data access code from the driver technology framework,” says Sharma. Using this process, CData Software is able to support any new data source—bringing unparalleled array of native drivers and adapters to the market for integration with that source. With such an arsenal of solutions, the competition is kept at bay. But this success does not make CData Software stagnate! Sharma promises that the development team at CData Software will always be innovating to find improved data connectivity technologies and add to their repertoire of driver data sources.

CData Software

Chapel Hill, NC

Amit Sharma, CEO

Provides a direct approach to integration, with drivers and tools that treat remote data sources like traditional databases to increase savings and reduce complexity.