CDC Labs: Elevating ITSM to the Next Level

Shamshad Khan, Founder and CEO
The modern IT Service Management (ITSM) function continues to deliver competitive advantage; however, it still tends to be fragmented. As forward-looking organizations are reaping benefits of more expansive ITSM engagements, California-based CDC Labs stands miles ahead in the realm offering its extensive expertise. A facilitator of IT transformation, CDC Labs brings to table a high level of partner certifications, and ITIL certification as well as specialized training to ensure successful implementation of product development, project management, application integration, cloud solutions and business intelligence. “With a comprehensive view, we focus on the three transformation aspects of our clients—people, process, and technology,” begins Shamshad Khan, Founder and CEO of CDC Labs. The company embraces partnership with industrial giants including IBM and ServiceNow, offering best of breed solutions for ITSM, with an aim to transform areas such as competency development, process improvement and providing technology solutions.

Aiding the shift from chaos to control, CDC Labs provides an end-to-end ITSM solution for enterprises by leveraging ServiceNow—from strategic, operational, and technical planning to initiative implementations. Apart from providing consultation and implementation services, CDC Labs helps the clients thrive on ServiceNow by creating a strong foundation which in turn enables them to build business applications in future without assistance from a third-party organization. “Our support services span all the functions in ServiceNow including GRC and ITOM, assisting the clients to set up and get started for continuous improvement,” says Johnathan Bennett, Partner, CDC Labs.

Unlike other organizations, CDC Labs provides a detailed analysis to identify the challenge first and then deliver a solution with an agile/scrum-based approach. Additionally, the firm demands the requirement of at least one contact expert from the client’s company to work with them throughout the process, before the commencement, for the best results. To stay ahead of other players in the industry, the firm provides intense training in terms of tools, processes, and technology for the employees. Besides the training sessions, CDC Labs also invests time and effort to instill hard skills and soft skills, arming the employees to tackle any problem in real time.

Our support services span all the functions in ServiceNow including GRC and ITOM, assisting the clients to set up and get started for continuous improvement

CDC Labs act as a development company with the advantage of developing their apps, automation, and script, making the company more reliable. The company works closely with the clients in order to help them deploy and utilize cloud computing and mobile applications for their advancements in the business.

Over the years, CDC Labs has imbibed the notion that industries face various issues in diverse areas like regulation, geography, customer base and business culture. With an aim to fulfill their client’s needs, the firm offers industry-specific expertise to solve their unique business challenges. In an instance, a large entertainment enterprise in the Hollywood approached CDC Labs after they purchased certain modules of ServiceNow, yearning to solve challenges regarding demand management and portfolio management. After a detailed analysis and discussion, the experts of CDC Labs identified that the clients had purchased tools that they were not ready to utilize. Investing a lot of effort, the experts conducted a workshop to convince the Hollywood company what was actually required for them. With the time and budget offered, CDC Labs was able to identify the exact problem faced by their clients and implemented the GRC solution rather than enforcing the tools they had proposed for, which would have led them to a loss.

Moving forward with a workspace abounds with cultural diversity and skills, CDC Labs thrives on the mantra of cultivating a single team with unity and strength. With consistent client success stories of on-time and on-budget delivery with minimal risk, CDC Labs promises to continue the same in future.

CDC Labs

Fremont, CA

Shamshad Khan, Founder and CEO and Johnathan Bennett, Partner

Provider of IT services for midsize and enterprise organizations that include federal, state, and local government agencies, and educational institutions