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Christine A. Leahy, CEO From boring screens on the wall displaying chunks of information to kiosks and outdoor digital displays presenting interactive media, digital signage has significantly evolved by leaps and bounds. Today, digital signage is a critical tool in a variety of industries for effective and interactive communication with both customers and employees. Organizations across the world use digital signage as a valuable tool to not only increase revenue and foot traffic but also steer themselves ahead of the market competition. IT leaders across numerous sectors are becoming savvier about deploying digital signage solutions as they enhance the in-store customer experience by reducing wait times and strategically addressing business challenges to create value. Selecting the right display and software that serve unique needs is the key for businesses to fully explore the innovative uses of digital signage solutions and build brand loyalty. Digital signage solutions offered by CDW Corporation (NASDAQ: CDW) get organizations’ messages across in just the right way.

"CDW is committed to helping our customers develop and accelerate digital strategies to create competitive advantage"

CDW is a leading multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to business, government, education, and healthcare in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. Founded in 1984, the company offers a large array of products and services ranging from hardware and software to integrated IT solutions such as security, cloud, hybrid infrastructure, and digital experience. “Throughout four decades, CDW’s steadfast commitment to our customers, coworkers, and partners has resulted in a unique constant within an ever-changing industry–performance that outpaces the market and fuels our ability to evolve and innovate to serve our stakeholders,” says Christine A. Leahy, CEO of CDW. “Helping customers optimize the value of their IT investments is core to our mission.”

By leveraging its full-stack expertise, CDW helps customers design, orchestrate and manage technologies, obtain the best results, and drive business success.

Helping customers optimize the value of their IT investments is core to our mission

The company offers a commercial-grade digital signage solution that equips organizations with the durability and flexibility needed to communicate with their customers as well as employees.

Custom Digital Signage Solutions—the “CDW Difference”

The answer to the question “Why CDW?” lies in its competence in building a digital signage solution after thoroughly assessing the clients’ goals, requirements, and budget. Apart from this, CDW offers detailed recommendations that span the best digital signage brands in the industry. Be it restaurant menus, interactive retail displays, campus communication, or corporate conference rooms, the company delivers custom digital signage solutions to any industry or application. The company helps clients procure, configure, and deploy the entire digital signage solution with ongoing product lifecycle support as per their needs. With CDW digital signage solutions, customers can seamlessly keep the audience informed and educated with the latest innovations in digital signage.

CDW offers a wide range of innovative digital signage solutions, including video walls, outdoor displays, and direct view LEDs. CDW helps organizations create visually impressive LCD video walls that are easy to install, manage as well as maintain. The company’s video walls are available in a wide range of sizes and resolutions— all of them feature narrow bezels, flexible mounting systems, and slim installation depths. On the other hand, customers can captivate viewers by leveraging CDW’s fully enclosed and weather-proof outdoor displays that are designed to withstand extreme temperature changes. Apart from these outdoor displays featuring superior visibility, the company also offers high-brightness window displays. Besides, direct view LEDs deliver fine pixel pitch signage for a stunning large-scale viewing experience. With CDW’s direct view LEDs, organizations can ensure a sharp picture and unlimited scalability that can catch their customers’ eyes from any angle.

Strategic Partnerships Driving Business Success
CDW, the nation’s leading B2B technology solutions provider, named LG Business Solutions USA as the CDW partner of the year in CDW’s 2019 Partner Summit in Las Vegas. Through this recognition, CDW honors and celebrates the earnest efforts of its outstanding partner, LG, in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Together, LG and CDW offer cutting-edge, purpose-built digital signage solutions to enable enhanced customer engagement for any business or industry. LG’s channel account team, field end-user reps, marketing team, product managers as well as bid desk work tirelessly every day with the CDW counterparts to expand digital capabilities and opportunities for end-customers across various vertical markets.

In 2020, CDW was recognized as the top Installation partner of the year for K12/Education by Samsung Electronics America at the Samsung Partner Awards and Samsung V/X: Business Reimagined. By partnering with Samsung, CDW is righty positioned to bring about a change in educational technology optimization and remote learning for its valued customers. Through the partnership, CDW continues to offer more robust services and solutions with a primary focus on innovative, student-centered, collaborative, and inclusive technology. Amid the unprecedented pandemic-induced challenges for educational institutions across the world, the duo enables customers in the education industry to successfully stay agile, pivot where needed and ensure student accessibility for better educational outcomes in a virtual setting. The partnership has not only delivered excellent services but also consistently drove revenue to help districts thrive in the face of adversity.

As a trusted partner to customers from all industries, CDW, in partnership with ViewSonic, has helped LivWell Health aptly address its customers’ needs. LivWell Health’s customers wanted a single system to replace print-based calendars, dining menus, and community news, as well as paper-based communications of classes and events with a digital signage solution that aligns with resort-style living. To this end, ViewSonic and CDW reps delivered a vibrant HD display with high-quality color, contrast, and clarity in a vertical, free-standing format. LivWell Health used the easy-to-deploy, highly scalable, cloud-based software solution as an impactful marketing tool to provide its customers with an interactive and impressive means of promoting community features. "CDW is committed to helping our customers develop and accelerate digital strategies to create competitive advantage," notes Christine.

Cdw Corporation

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Christine A. Leahy, CEO

CDW is a leading multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to business, government, education, and healthcare in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada