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Bob Herdoiza, CEO
The manufacturing industry today has come a long way into the age of digitalization. As modern automation and computing abilities contribute further in re-vitalizing the present day manufacturing landscape, there exists an age-old pain point that is yet to be addressed—quality. “Although, quality constitutes one among the imperative parameters for the manufacturing industry to uphold; it is observed that two out of three entities within the manufacturing arena fail to prioritize on quality standards,” says Tom Seadler, president of CEBOS. By nature of that, the companies investing minimally on quality systems tend to overlook the capabilities of the quality processes and often go along with an inspection perspective, coming across the quality inadequacies at the end of the chain. Consequently, these organizations are left with spreadsheets, pen and paper methods and ad-hoc database-driven applications that are not tied together, eliminating the entire cohesiveness and certainty to process discipline. This is where CEBOS comes into the picture with its quality management expertise, proving its eminence in getting these organizations out of subordination and into the stream of manufacturing excellence.

The solutions offered by CEBOS are primarily targeted toward prevention, the velocity of information, and making decisions proactively as opposed to merely adopting a reactive approach. CEBOS aims to implement quality disciplines and process integrity right at the beginning of the process with an increased focus on shifting the industry’s ‘approach to quality’ in the direction of more proactive and functional methods. With an increased emphasis on accelerating the velocity of knowledge that includes the collection of data and transforming that data into actionable information, CEBOS leverages data for enabling organizations to make more proactive decisions. Seadler states, “With an all-round focus on end-to-end operations and specific attention to front-end processes and the new product introduction area, we are all about manufacturing excellence.”
Embedded with additional security features and approvals, the CEBOS Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) is a fully functional document management solution built for documenting end-to-end processes around manufacturing and ensuring the integrity of document control within the manufacturing process. Moreover, CEBOS EQMS also monitors and tracks employee, supervisor, and leadership performance tasks and automatically forwards reminders for additional training, if required. The training management feature of CEBOS EQMS learns from past actions and triggers regular alerts in real time to ensure that there is closed-loop and continuous improvement. To support on-going focus, the CEBOS Performance Management application weaves the management and reporting of key performance metrics into the quality and manufacturing processes so that they are front and center of mindset and awareness as well as facilitating actions and initiatives for further performance improvement.

With an all-round focus on end-to-end operations and specific attention to front-end processes and the new product introduction area, we are all about manufacturing excellence

Currently, cruising along the trajectory of rapid growth, CEBOS has drafted a future roadmap, which includes plans to invest in augmenting smart operations across manufacturing companies and helping them move away from technical dependency on service organizations. “We are presently focused on enhancing the velocity of information availability, and facilitating data capture capability and visibility across manufacturing enterprises. This will be a step in the direction of reinforcing proactive decision making,” concludes Seadler.


Farmington Hills, Michigan

Bob Herdoiza, CEO

CEBOS is a leading provider of enterprise-wide quality management and management process system software and services. From the original client server version, to today’s groundbreaking enterprise-wide CEBOS quality management solutions, we have always been in the forefront of quality. CEBOS also helps ensure that companies are in compliance with government regulations such as 21 CFR part 11 or industry standards such as IATF 16949. Most compliance frameworks include requirements for top management leadership, employee training and regular structured audits, and CEBOS helps document results and process conformance