Cedaron Medical: Innovative Outpatient Rehabilitation EHR Solutions

Karen Bond, Founder, President & CEO
Health system CIOs have focused significant resources deploying enterprise-wide EHR software to as many of their departmental users as possible. This approach can save money and improve the quality of care. However, enterprise EHR systems were developed for physician documentation, and as such, struggle with the unique workflow, compliance and billing dynamics of outpatient rehabilitation. Karen Bond, Cedaron Medical’s Founder, President and CEO sums it up well by saying “using an enterprise EHR designed for physicians, in a department where therapy is practiced, is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole”. Hospitals attempting to leverage enterprise EHR systems for outpatient rehabilitation, experience a surge in claims denials and administrative costs, and a significant dip in therapist productivity. Cedaron Medical, a California based company, was established to nullify these shortcomings. Cedaron CONNECT is good medicine for outpatient rehabilitation departments. Cedaron CONNECT clients realize, on average, a 12 percent increase in therapist productivity, 84 percent reduction in denied claims, and 23 percent reduction in administrative overhead.

The differentiated value of Cedaron CONNECT is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), and the American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT). Cedaron is the sole vendor of all three national entities. CONNECT allows therapists to maximize time treating patients because the intelligence of the software makes it easy to document therapeutic progress spanning multiple encounters, ongoing insurance reauthorization and complex billing and payment models. CONNECT enables accurate and defensible documentation that is not possible in other systems. It ingrains analytical capabilities that allow organizations to measure results and improve outcomes. Moreover, it puts patients at the center of the treatment process, enabling therapists to make the transition to Value Based Care where reduced costs and improved outcomes are the name of the game. The turnkey CONNECT software package is supported by a dedicated pool of US-based customer service professionals, available 24/7.

Cedaron CONNECT is designed to tackle documentation, compliance and complex billing so therapists can focus on helping patients win

To further add to the feature set of CONNECT, Cedaron stays abreast of new developments in the EHR sector. CONNECT is the only rehabilitation-specific EHR to achieve MU3 certification and it supports seamless submission, with no extra work, to the APTA’s Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry. In addition, Cedaron’s in-house software engineers display immense expertise in building seamless interfaces. CONNECT interfaces easily and coexists well with all leading enterprise EHR vendors.

CONNECT has been instrumental in eliminating outpatient rehabilitation EHR challenges for health systems across the country. Concord Hospital is one such example, wherein they struggled to adhere to regulations because of inefficient documentation and scheduling systems. The new compliance rules mandated the application of G-codes. This not only burdened the hospital’s already strained processes but also fostered the fear of G-code denials. CONNECT eased compliance concerns by generating point of care notifications. The fear of G-code denials, as a result, was eliminated and the solution, in totality, provided significant savings for Concord Hospital.

Cedaron encourages its clients to contribute to the APTA’s Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry. Cedaron also endeavors to strengthen its ties with partners and associates in the years to come. This approach is in sync with Cedaron’s roadmap to continually incorporate industry best practices, bring new enhancements to its solutions portfolio, and assist healthcare organizations to offer quality patient care.

Cedaron Medical

Davis, CA

Karen Bond, Founder, President & CEO

Cedaron’s CONNECT rehabilitation suite offers comprehensive clinical solutions for documentation and outcomes performance management

Cedaron Medical