Cedexis: Taking Web Optimization to a whole new Level

CIO VendorJulien Coulon, Co-Founder With over 2 Billion users and a 566% growth rate since the year 2000, Internet growth continues to surpass all expectations. And yet, only 37.3% of the world’s population is currently connected meaning that that growth rate will continue for years to come. Companies continue to evolve their Internet strategies to capture this emerging market. The demands of end users are evolving and companies are facing challenges such as slow page-load times,video buffering, lack of sufficient throughout (for large file downloads)and device proliferation to name a few. No single Cloud or Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the optimal solution for every Enterprise. In fact, most companies have recognized the need for a multi-Cloud strategy to satisfy the performance and availability needs of their customers. There is a need in the industry for an intelligent infrastructure that can ensure high quality web experience for all users worldwide across all platforms.

Coming to the aid is Cedexis,whose technologyoptimizes web performance across data centers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and clouds.Founded in 2009, Cedexis offers solutions for multi-platform content and application delivery to companies focused on maximizing web performance.
The company’s hybrid CDN technology improves the performance of content-delivery networks, by using measurements on availability, latencyand throughput for real-time load balancing of traffic between CDNs and dedicated virtual servers.“We are the most advanced company providing real time data for the improvement of the quality of the Internet. We have a real time vision of the functioning of the Internet as we collect billions ofmeasurements per day from the end users across thousands of networks”, says Julien Coulon, Co-Founder and GMof Cedexis.

Delivering the Right Solution in all Industries

Cedexis OpenMix is a next generation Cloud/CDNand Mobile app Global Load Balancer,providingsignificant business benefitsto any business that values performance and availability. For example Accor Hotels required their sites performance in the BRIC nations to be as fast as North America and Europe. To achieve this Accor federated multiple CDN’s using Cedexis OpenMix, and improved performance X6 in many cases. This made their global customers much more likely to utilize Accor’s website to do business. A second example involves Mobile Application acceleration. Tango.me utilized Cedexis to route VOIP request to the best performing Datacenter.

This resulted in fewer lost calls and happier users. This also allowed Tango to manage very rapid worldwide growth by moving into Cloud infrastructure as they expanded out of their private datacenter locations into new geo-regions.
In both cases performance and availability mattered and Cedexis was able to deliver a superior cloud based solution.

While the Portland, Oregon based Cedexis is a relatively recent entrant in the web optimization sector,its large clientele coming from so many verticals is proof of their impact on the industry. “Ideally we have customers in every vertical as well as the content provider side.We help to improve performance on websites, mobiles sites, web application and video byprovidingan end user vision of how they perform from every single network in the world, cost optimization, and delivering a 24X7 SEO friendly service. Microsoft, Linkedin, Nissan, Zedo, and Lacoste are among the brands that are using Cedexis’ solutions,” Says Julien.

Competitors becoming Partners

Cedexis unique position allows it to partner with what many would consider its competitors. Network routing and switching vendor Juniper has recently announced Cedexis as a partner for enhancing the Juniper SDN solution. On the analytics front, up and coming Application Performance Monitoring companies such as New Relic, App Dynamics and Catchpoint are all announced integration partners with Cedexis, feeding their real-time data to the Cedexis platform, thereby making their monitoring data actionable. Thus, Cedexis is not only leaving its impact on its customers and their end users, but on its partners as well.


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Julien Coulon, Co-Founder

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